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Juan Goya a.k.a Sound Process was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1983. His first contact with electronic music was when he was about 14, by listening to bands like Depeche Mode, Visage, Erasure and The Cure. In 2003, when he discovered that his passion for the music was stronger than the pleasure that gives him to listen it, he started exploring the world of production. He decided to study music production at "Sonica", an electronic music school, starting to develop knowledge about new softwares, hardwares, digital recording techniques and introducing himself into music theory. His first tracks were ambient, trip hop and Down tempo cuts which were his firt step in finding his own and personal sound. His Influences came from artists like John Digweed, Martin Garcia, Hybrid, Momu, Aphex Twin, Dead Can Dance, Sigur Ros, among others. Focused in dark, emotive and underground sounds his musical taste and style tends towards deep progressive house and breaks. His tracks are welcomed and supported by various djs and producers around the world such as Martín García, Dj Paul, Deepmariano, Guille Quero, Pole Folder, Gustavo Di Tomaso, Marcelo Vasami, Dj Tarkan, Mike Brin, I.B, Federico Epis, Gerardo Boscarino, Facundo Mohrr and Victoria R to name a few. Besides his work as a producer, he has also been gaining fame as a DJ. Since early 2008 he hosts "Deeper Nights", a weekly radio show on, having national and international guests every month. His unique blend of deep, dark, progressive and techno house has given him a very distinct sound. With a discography of over 25 signed tracks between originals and remixes up to date and considering the fact that he is only 24 years old, Juan is definitely someone to keep your eye on!
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021 with Sound Process (Mar 02, 2008)
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