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Yvel and Tristan have been working on electronic music for 6 years, but they got the real appreciation from 2003. At first, as it use to be, the hungarian electronic music scene discovered the talent of the guys. They became a general favourite nubreed producer duo for the hungarian DJ's. Their fame rested upon the amount of new productions what were filled with emotions and melody. In the beginning they left a good impression in expert electronic music lovers with their couple of remixes then they made a name for themselves with their own productions. Their first remixes were found favour with a hungarian DJ who is thought to be the biggest icon of hungarian electronic music. This DJ’s name is Krisztian Horvath aka Chriss who is the owner of Foundation Records and the founder of The Quasar formation. Chriss became the biggest supporter of Yvel & Tristan and he asked them to make a remix for The Quasar's very first track called Together in 2004. This remix got to be famous all over in Europe and it was played in John Digweed's legendary Kiss 100 Show in the same year. From this point that name 'Yvel & Tristan' appeared on international music forums and everyone spoke with respect from the remix. They first released track was Gaelic on Eclectik Records also in 2004. They continued the work with The Quasar and they made two new tracks (Pillow and Lifted) exclusively for Chriss’ The Trip – Redirection of sound compilation. The track called Pillow also appeared on a compilation: the Global Underground 028 Shanghai mixed by Nick Warren. That was the one and only hungarian track so far on every GU mix series. From that time – thank to the success of GU compilation - their 'international fame' got to be bigger and bigger. They got to be invited to some foreign countries in Central and Eastern Europe in 2005, for example they could prove their talent on a czech electronic music festival in Brno at Boby Centrum in front of an audience about 6000. During this summer they made a remix for The Quasar - October track and it's been released on Foundation Records’ first EP. Mr. John Digweed became attached to the guys, because he played this remix in his show on Kiss FM exactly the same date as in 2004. This fall the guys got another request, this time from Snake Sedrick to make a remix for a track called 'Snake Sedrick & Khans – Circular' what has been released on american Hunya Munya Records. Due to their talent the Guys requested to lead their own two hours radio show on what considered to be one of the best European electronic music radio on the internet. The new radio show, called 'Foundation Hours', is broadcasted every wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. The radio show has two parts: each week a mix is played from a foreigh DJs (like: Darioef, DJ Viton, Guillaume Nyckees, Glenn Morrison, Clubbervision, Kosmas Epsilon), then the guys play an hour mix in the second half of the show (information page:, there you can find the latest tracklists and the list of the actual guests). . From fall 2005 they have another radio show with Andro and Snake Sedrick called Indigo on Proton Radio what is undoubtedly the best electronic music radio on the internet from all over the world ( This show is broadcasted every month in 4 hour-long parts: first part is from Andro, the second part is from Yvel & Tristan, the third is from Snake and the fourth is always a guest mix generally from another hungarian producer or DJ. These shows’ reputation flow over the borders and from summer of 2006 the Guys got many invitations not only from the surrounding countries but they could play in prominent party places like Lebanon (Studio Moukarzel, Beirut,, Bulgaria (Club Escape, Sofia), Lithuania (Forum Palace, Vilnius) or Greece (Club Aqua Nova). Naturally the name of Yvel & Tristan also appeared on hungarian party flyers besides plenty of foreign performances. They play every weekends from smaller underground manifestations with 3 to 5 hundred people to bigger venues about 1 or 2 thousands of audience around Hungary. The Guys also have turned up every electronic music clubs in Budapest. Till now the guys played together world's famous djs like: Steve Lawler, Chris Fortier, Phil Thompson, Lee Burridge, Nils Noa, Jimmy Van M, Andy Moor, Austin Leeds, Christopher Lobsinger, Oliver Macgregor, Steve Gerrard, Jody Wistrernoff (Way Out West), Steve Porter, Stephane K, Dj Taka, Seb Fontaine, James Zabiela. Nowadays the Guys are on a tour in Hungary with their first compilation released on This CD is the fourth compilation of the radio after 3 well-known Djs mix CD like Chriss, Dandy and Tommyboy. From now we could say that the name of Yvel & Tristan has arrived into the famest hungarian electronic music DJs group.
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DS 12 (Feb 01, 2008)
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