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Gabriel A Dawn (aka dj bond) is a DJ since 1996. The first 2 years he played funky and RnB! After that he was asked to play in some clubs and started to play a new style of house... Every month he played in the Hungarian big club E-KLUB and in the 2 years that followed he traveled around the half of Hungary. The word got around in Hungary and one owner who had the biggest club in Budapest asked him if he would like to play in his new club! Of course he thought it was a good idea and thats how he got a new friday residency in FACE MUSIC-CLUB.

Also this was a learning experience for him and he learned some technical mixing and started playing with 3 turntables. Since he has a solid background in computers it was also time to spend time on producing and soon the first productions would see the light of day.

The word got around and he travelled all around Hungary performing. Gigs in the neighbouring countries could also be added to the list After two years because of personal reasons he had to take a two year rest-period... In 2004 the virus kicked in again and he goes with a new style, namely progressive and electro! Several times mixes from his hand were played on national radio-stations. Because he played all over Hungary he knows a lot of people, they found out that he does remixes from all kinds of songs so he was asked to make some remixes for other DJs.

David Guetta The world is mine (Gabriel A Dawn prog re-edit two)
Genesis I cant dance (Gabriel A Dawn re-edit two)
Madonna Frozen (Gabriel A Dawn downlift remix)
Candy Dulfer & Dave Stewart - lily was here (Gabriel A Dawn reelecto)
Leon with Dead Mike - Várok rád (Gabriel A Dawn electro)
Mike Oldfield - Shadow on the wall (Gabriel A Dawn reelectro)
Novy vs Eniac - pumpin (Gabriel A Dawn reedit two)

In 2005 he played at a party in Romania where he meet Peric /NL/. They became friends since they share the same interest for the music. Since Bond is always looking for new challenges his eye caught the existence of Ableton. Hes setting up a live-act. Peric & GAD (Gabriel A Dawn) NewSome is an production from their hand.

Stereonova - MFC (GAD & Peric Extra Souce remix)
GAD & Peric - Six Feet Under /Original remixed song from Thomas Newman - Six feet under Theme song/
dPen & Marcelo Vasami - Walking In Dark (Gad & Peric remix)
Bob Sinclar - Everybody Movin' (GAD & Peric remix)

2006 was the time to come up with a new name, because the name DJ Bond was too much related to his old style, so now its Gabriel A Dawn. A lot of work still needs to be done but the Ableton-set will
soon be a fact.

Co-hosted show

Performance 3 in 1

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 6th, 2006 and new episodes were coming out until August 1st, 2008. A total of 72 episodes of Performance 3 in 1 has aired on TM Radio.
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)) HUNGARY (( (Jan 18, 2007)
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