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The two bothers, Pavel & Vitaliy, formed Moonbeam in 2003 in Nizhny Novgorod.

During a long period of time the brothers worked hard in a studio, attracting different kinds of vocalists from all over the world to create music. That contributed a lot to the positive results of the project creativity. In summer, 2003 Vitaliy and Pavel started to work with Chris Lunsford from California, who is the author of the lyrics and vocalist in the range of compositions, including the Moonbeam debut record “Raven Gipsy EP”, which was released in June 2005 at a Portuguese Label Feed Me Records. In some time the same year there were released two more Moonbeam plates at English Labels of Dirty Blue Records and Distraektions Records.

In the end of 2005 Moonbeam launched their own label - Moonbeam Digital. The Label has two branches: Disoma Records and Moon Tribal Records. Among the Label's artists there are some new ones as well as some renowned producers, such as Jeff Bennett, Stephan Hinz, LeRon & Yves Eaux, Clubbervision and others. The Label releases got support from many famous DJs: Flash Brothers, Hernan Cattaneo, Moshic, Hell, Mashtronic, D-Nox, Fred Numf, Deepgroove, Subsky, Rene Amesz and many others.

The year of 2006 – is the period for multiple digital and vinyl releases at such labels as Mashtronic, Regular, Flow Vinyl, Pure Substance, Toes in the Sand, Mezzotinto and others. In autumn of 2006 the Universal Music Switzerland signed a contract with Moonbeam for release of a vocal single “Malaria” in 'Private Fiction Vol.3' compilation. At the same time Sharam included remix of Jiva feat Rula - "Timelapse" (Moonbeam presents Glockenspiel Mix) into compilation Global Underground 029 Dubai. A little later, Moonbeam signed a contract with International Deejay Gigolo Records for the release of a new track from Moonbeam presents PAK&VAK - "Vision" (Main Mix). This track will be included into the 10th compilation of Gigolo Records.
One can hear tracks and mixes of the Moonbeam project at the major world radio stations, such as Proton Radio (USA), radio-show «United Colors of House» at CRMK 89.8 FM (UK), «Magma FM» (Italy), «Frisky Radio» (USA), Topradio FM (Belgium), Dinamo 103.8 FM (Turkey),, (Ireland) and others. Favorable reviews on numerous tracks are being published in well-known magazines: «?8 Magazine», «IDJ Magazine», «Discoid Magazine» and in major world portals of electronic music, such as Resident Advisor, Progressive Sounds, World DJ, Beat Factor. Moonbeam tracks can always be found in popular world DJs Charts, including DJ Magazine Hype Chart, Balance Record Pool Chart.

The beginning of 2007 is remarkable for Moonbeam's solid and intense work with a famous German label Traum. In January, 2007 remix on Minilogue - "Seconds" was released. In February there appeared a solo Moonbeam release – “Eclipse EP”. The release got much support and the best reviews from different kinds of producers and DJs. In spring 2007 Moonbeam is launching a monthly 3 hours radio show “Moonbeam Music” at the Internet radio station - Proton Radio. Later Moonbeam signed agreements with such top labels as Black Hole Recordings, Be Yourself Music, and Kickin Music. In summer of 2007 Tiesto included Moonbeam – “See the Difference Inside” into legendary compilation In Search of Sunrise 6 Ibiza.

Singles – Released

Moonbeam – ‘See the Difference Inside' [Songbird]
Moonbeam - 'Angels & Men / Symphony / Siberia' [Kickin Records]
Moonbeam – ‘Snowfall' (The Remixes) [Toes in the Sand]
Moonbeam – ‘Sunset' [Ready Mix Records]
Moonbeam – ‘Eclipse / Sunshine' [Traum]
Moonbeam & Jan Zyabovski - 'Liveliness' [Disoma Records]
Moonbeam feat Julia B – ‘Home' [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam feat Chris Lunsford – ‘Consumption' [Moonbeam Digital]
Glockenspiel & Bart Cruz – ‘Intersection' [Globalscum Records]
Glockenspiel feat Oxana – ‘Pick Me Up' [Moon Tribal Records]
Glockenspiel feat Oxana – ‘Pick Me Up' (Remixes) [Moon Tribal Records]
Moonbeam feat Mohammed EL-Fatih – ‘Just Try to Remember' [Moonbeam Digital]
PAK&VAK – ‘Voodoo / Pandemic' [Disoma Records]
Princess Moon – ‘Human Behaviour / I Feel You' [Moon Tribal Records]
Princess Moon – ‘Warpath / Downstream' [Moon Tribal Records]

Moonbeam – ‘Vodka and Sand / Hunt Main / Cobalt Sun' [Regular]
Moonbeam – ‘What Dreams May Come' [Cyber Production]
Moonbeam – ‘Night Secrets EP (Indian Summer / Obscene)' [Mashtronic]
Moonbeam – ‘Forgotten Feeling' [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam – ‘When People Turn into Beasts' [Flow Vinyl]
Moonbeam – ‘Summertime' [Moon Tribal Records]
Moonbeam – ‘Heart and Soul' [Helvetica Recordingz]
Moonbeam – ‘Snowfall' [Toes in the Sand]
Moonbeam – ‘Rebirth' [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam – ‘Night Forest' [Moon Tribal Records]
Moonbeam feat Mohammed EL-Fatih – ‘Malaria' [Mezzotinto Records / Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam feat Amigo – ‘Basic Instinct' [Moon Tribal Records]
Moonbeam feat Amigo – ‘Back to the Future' [Pure Substance Digital]
Moonbeam feat Amigo – ‘Love and Rain' [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam feat Zhenya Orlova – ‘Global Warming' [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam feat Nastya Sorokina – ‘Vesome' [Pure Substance Digital]
Moonbeam feat Oxana – ‘Farewell' [Audiolab Music]
Glockenspiel – ‘Aryo' [Disoma Records]
PAK&VAK – ‘Vampire Eyes / Vision' [Disoma Records]
PAK&VAK – ‘Alchemist / Suck My Soul' [Disoma Records]
Paolo Le Grand – ‘Story' [Moon Tribal Records]

Moonbeam – ‘Forgotten Grey / Basic Instinct' [Minimal Digital]
Moonbeam – ‘Private / East`s Eyes' [Distraektions Records]
Moonbeam – ‘Around Me' [Moon Tribal Records]
Moonbeam – ‘Katrina / Voice of Ocean' [Moonbeam Digital]
Moonbeam – ‘Insect' [CP Digital]
Moonbeam – ‘The Rite / Diffusion / Spirit of the Fight / Game Laws / Totem' [Dirty Blue Records]
Moonbeam – ‘Raven Gipsy / Air' [Feed Me Records]
Glockenspiel – ‘Oro / Suo' [Disoma Records]

Singles – Upcoming Release

Moonbeam – ‘I Love Mornings' [Songbird]
Moonbeam - 'Cocoon' [High Contrast Recordings]
Moonbeam – ‘Slow Heart / Spring Story' [Traum]
Moonbeam – ‘Contamination' [Feed Me Records]
Moonbeam - 'Insight / Sky (Dub Mix) / Predator' [Proton Music]
Moonbeam - 'Sky / Insight (Dub Mix) / Samurai' [Proton Music]
Moonbeam feat Oxana – ‘Pick Me Up' [Moonbeam Digital]

Remixes – Released

Stuart McKeown - I'm All Thumbs Today (Moonbeam Remix) [Proton Music]
Sanomat - Need to Change (Moonbeam Remix) [Globalscum Records]
Clubbervision - Ambar (Moonbeam Remix) [Feralcode Records]
Spieltape - Blunt (Moonbeam Remix) [Disoma Records]
Extrawelt - Doch Doch (Moonbeam Remix) [Traum]
Minilogue – Seconds (Moonbeam Remix) [Traum]
Jalebee Cartel - Vector The Crow (Glockenspiel Remix) [Moon Tribal Records]
Ciaran Campbell - You Nasty Freak (Glockenspiel Remix) [Moon Tribal Records]
Tantamanna - Space Housewife (Glockenspiel Remix) [Redflux Cinnabar]
Tantamanna - Space Housewife (PAK&VAK Remix) [Redflux Cinnabar]
Povar – Haba Two (PAK&VAK Remix) [Disoma Records]
Alejandro Rado - Move Your Soul (Princess Moon Remix) [Moon Tribal Records]

James Reilly - Where Are You in Love (Moonbeam Club Mix) [Crashed Music]
Arjun Vagale - Stomper (Moonbeam Remix) [Moon Tribal Records]
Zeebo - Hero (Moonbeam Remix) [Helvetica Recordingz]
Jiva feat Rula - Timelapse (Moonbeam presents Glockenspiel Mix) [Pure Substance Records]
Jairus Miller - Firmware (Glockenspiel Mix) [Helvetica Recordingz]
Jan Zyabovski – Insight (Glockenspiel Remix) [Disoma Records]
Arjun Vagale - Stomper (Paolo Le Grand Remix) [Moon Tribal Records]

Tony Estrada - Dusk (Moonbeam Black Remix) - [Pure Substance Records]
Tony Estrada - Black Derby (Moonbeam White Remix) – [Pure Substance Records]

Remixes - Upcoming Release

Rachael Starr - To Forever (Moonbeam Remix) [Frik:N:Frak Recordings]
Marcus Schossow - Chase My Rabbit (Moonbeam Remix) [Black Hole Recordings]
Perfect Stranger & Pena - Ode Ao Sol (Moonbeam Remix) [Beef Records]
MOS - Filterama (Moonbeam Remix) [Vibrating Balance]
Mr Sam - Seven 7 Seven (Moonbeam Remix) [TBA]
RPO - Leave a Drama (Moonbeam Remix) [Pangea Productions]
Lens - Beyond The Shadows (Moonbeam Remix) [Coldharbour Recordings]


Cosmic Gate 'Back 2 Back volume 3' - Moonbeam – “Cocoon” (Moon Mix) [Black Hole Recordings]
High Contrast presents...JOOP - Moonbeam – “Cocoon” (Original Mix) [High Contrast Recordings]
Kickin presents Digital Underground Vol.1 – Moonbeam – Siberia [Kickin Records]
In Search Of Sunrise 6: Ibiza – Moonbeam – “See the Difference Inside” (Inside Mix) [Songbird]
FFWD 2007 - The Official Album – Moonbeam – “See the Difference Inside” (Original Mix) [Mostly Recordings]
Jimmy Van M Balance CD B10.1 - Moonbeam - "Uaret" (Ambient Mix) [EQ Grey]
Jimmy Van M Balance CD B10.1 - Steve T - "Elefont" (Moonbeam Remix) [EQ Grey]
International DeeJay Gigolos CD Ten - Moonbeam presents PAK&VAK - "Vision" (Main Mix) [International Deejay Gigolo Records]
Gare Mat K Comunication Mix CD - Jiva feat Rula – “Timelapse” (Moonbeam presents Glockenspiel Mix) [Progrezo Records]

Private Fiction Vol. 3 - Moonbeam feat Mohammed EL-Fatih - "Malaria" (Original Mix) [Universal Music Switzerland]
Sharam GU 029 Dubai - Jiva feat Rula – “Timelapse” (Moonbeam presents Glockenspiel Mix) [Global Underground]
DJ 19 Resident 003 Mix CD - Jiva feat Rula – “Timelapse” (Moonbeam presents Glockenspiel Mix) [IO Music]

Russians in Space mixed by DJ Cosmonaut - Moonbeam - "Painter" (Cosmonaut`s edit) [World Club Music]
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Dark Energy, 1 episode:

Vol.23 - Psychedelic Nights prt.3 (Nov 17, 2007)
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