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Lucas Ciarg was born in 1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Since he was a child he got very interested in music, but without developing any style in particular.

As the years went by, in his adolescence he began to shape his taste for music, gettin to know the most commercial side of the electronic music but then moving on to a more obscure and dark taste for music.

Hernan Cattaneo was one of the first djs in catching his attention, he discovered that his sound was the one, The rest became a "knowledge rollercoaster" of djs and electronic bands that helped him to develope a more accurate view of the scene and to shape his taste for music.
In the last years lucas has been fully focused in the production of electronic music. It started as a hobby from his deep love for music, but he got more interested on it, so now his aim is to continue improving it, to gain a place on the scene.

Keep in contact because Lucas has a lot to give.
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Better Feeling, 1 episode:

ep.16 The Different Session (Oct 29, 2007)
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