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The DJ and Producer Usualsuspectbro was born 1984 at Pomorie a small town at the black sea coast of Bulgaria. His real name is Vlady Stoychev, and he has been interested in the electronic music for the past 12 years. Since the end of 1999 he bought a pc and turntables and start trying to mix. In the year 2000 he met dj Balthazar, JackRock and dj Steven (great names in the Bulgarian electronic dance scene) and start listening to minimal and techno sound. In the same year he organized few parties in small clubs around his home town and other clubs around BG. Few months latter in the summer of year 2000 Usualsuspectbro featuring some friends organized a big open air @ Pomorie, Bulgaria with the most famous techno & house djs from Bulgaria + 2 international special guests: Andreas Kremer /Germany/ and DJ Boss /Slovakia/. During the summer of 2001 he organized few parties with DJ Jackill /Czeck/. In the period from the beginning of 2002 and 2007 year he had a small gigs around BG and start his own radio show supported by tribalmixesdotcom. In the beginning of 2008 he and his closely friends dirtYtribe and Tribz bought Vestax DJ equipment and two Apple MAC'X, believing in the future generation of the digital dj style and mixing. After that the trio decide to organize the dirtYSound Records Label and from the beginning of 2010 he start producing at more serious level than the past, as his own production Usualsuspectbro’s spin sound is modern minimal techno with tribe and tech house elements....which is groovy...dancy....pumpy...energy and sometimes even hardy :) Some of the most favorite producers/djs are Umek, Richie Howtin, Carl Cox, Marco Carola & Adam Beyer, Luciano, Joris Voorn, Dubfire, Lützenkirchen, Joubin, d-Unity, Peter Bailey & Carlos Fauvrelle, Chris Liebing Victor Calderone and many many more
If you would like to see me at your stage....just contact me :P


email: spr@mail.bg
Co-hosted shows

Tribal Eclipse

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 14th, 2006 and new episodes were coming out until June 13th, 2009. A total of 27 episodes of Tribal Eclipse has aired on TM Radio.


No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 10th, 2009 and new episodes were coming out until June 12th, 2010. A total of 9 episodes of Technicians has aired on TM Radio.
Participated in following shows

Pure Senses, 1 episode:

Episode (Mar 05, 2007)

IDC, 1 episode:

)) BULGARIA (( (Jan 25, 2007)

TribalMixes.com 5th Anniversary Celebration, 1 episode:

Guesting: Mehmetcan YILDIZ, Amir NASHAAT, BREETH & (May 06, 2010)

Bulgarian Dream, 1 episode:

Episode 003 (Jan 17, 2012)
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