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After nearly ten years, Sean Keating has earned the respect of electronic music lovers, DJs, and promoters all over Atlantic Canada with his intelligent blend of tech, electro and progressive house.

A true technical perfectionist, Sean has elevated himself to a level rarely reached on the east coast. His outstanding programming skills are always backed up by flawless execution and have earned him a reputation as one of the most solid and consistent DJs around.

Sean has become known as a big room DJ but donít let that fact fool you, he plays to his setting better than anyone around. Whether itís warming the floor up for a visiting headliner or tearing the roof off a club in peak time, he always delivers. With a sound that encompasses everything from deep soulful progressive house to huge synth driven electro, he finds himself a uniquely qualified and sought after DJ.

Since his humble beginnings in the late 90s, Sean quickly became a driving force behind the progressive house scene on the east coast, having inspired many DJs with his sublime sound. He has held residencies in Halifaxís best clubs with the biggest and most successful production companies. He is living proof that an unwavering work ethic and constant professionalism are a formula for success.

His experience and confidence in front of any crowd have allowed him to build one of the most impressive resumes in the country having played alongside such high profile, world class acts as Tiga, DJ Dan, Sultan, Luke Fair, Danny Howells and Deep Dish. Seanís growth as a DJ culminated with a performance with Sasha in 2003 that remains as one of Halifaxís most enduring electronic music memories.
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Grand Opening Episode 1 (Aug 18, 2007)
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