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The Berlin native DJ Tom Beltor started his career late.
He was already 25 when he started djing in 2004.
But thanks to his talent,
choice of music and precise mixing skills
he became an engaged and respected DJ within a year.
The electronic music scene quickly recognized his potential
and the requests for online-radio and club performances
didn't take long to come in.
In 2004 he and some fellow djs also founded the
project 'klangspione', a multi genre dance association.

With the broadcasting shows 'Technologic Stories'
and 'Klangspione' on Electronic-Universe and Shouted.FM
he became a known DJ.
Bookings for the Nature One Festival Warmup radio-show,
and the Berlin Clubs Trend and MFE were his live gigs.

In November 2006 the San Francisco based online-radio
station 'Frisky Radio' offered him his own monthly two hour long show.
This enabled a world wide audience to enjoy his sounds.
In march 2007 he joined together with DJ Baq from Hamburg.
Every month they show you an extract out of their world of music

It seems that we will hear and see much more from this
sympathic Berlin DJ in the near future.

Participated in following shows

Dark Energy, 3 episodes:

Vol.17 - Dancing Queen (Aug 18, 2007)
Vol.39 - Friends Corner (Aug 02, 2008)
Vol.42 - Melodic Structures (Sep 20, 2008)
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