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Silent Brothers
Members: Alexei Chentsov, Dmitry Yurtin
Location: Moscow, Russia
Genre: progressive-trance

Alexei Chentsov and Dmitry Yurtin, two young artists from Moscow possessed with the music, formed this outstanding project in 2001. Excitement of dance culture as well as similar vision on electronic music turned them into music making process. Their first successful work «Be there» was recognized by famous DJs and electronic musicians all over the world. Perry O’Neil included this track in his show «Electronic Elements». Later on their new tracks «Alba» and «Departed» appeared in top charts of many DJ and producers.

"Amazing!" - Evan Markus

"Really liked the track" - Sam Salhab

"Very good track amigo!" - Nicolas Coronel

In their sets and compilations «Silent Brothers» use all kinds of progressive, their favourite genre of electronic music. The artists were guests of, a forefront of underground dance music on the Internet. One of the shows called “Frisky Loves Russia" was completely dedicated to some of the best and brightest up and coming stars of Russian electronic scene.

«We went through different genres of electronic music before we decided in favour of progressive. We believe this style is universal and has no limits, so there is a lot of space to create. In our music and sets we try to embrace all the aspects of this genre and always introduce something of our own. Therefore, our music as the genre itself has no clear bounds and may sound differently»


Original productions:
Silent Brothers – Datum EP / Fiberline Audio/ 2006
Silent Brothers – Black Sand (Original Vocal Mix)/ TBA/ 2006
Silent Brothers – Be There (Original mix)/ TBA/ 2006
Silent Brothers – Alba (Original Mix)/ TBA/ 2006
Silent Brothers – Quasar (Original Mix)/ TBA/2006
Silent Brothers – Departed (Original Mix)/ TBA/ 2006

Parlange – Almost (Silent Brothers rmx) / TBA
Kopi Luwak – Book of Water (Silent Brothers rmx)
Noah Neiman feat. Catherine – Some Where Any Where (Silent Brothers rmx) / TBA

IFrolov & Silent Brothers - Gentle Dawn (Original Mix) / Pitch Music / 2007
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Festival Lounge, 1 episode:

Episode (Aug 05, 2007)
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