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Escodero was born in 1979 in Varna/Bulgaria. His passion to the music is since he has been very little. In 1993 he bought some cd's from Warp Records and then his passion to the electronic music begins! At the beginning he plays ambient, idm, acid, techno and house. He started his carrier like a local dj in some small clubs in Varna.
In 1999 some big djs heard him and decided to give him an event in Comics Club/Varna.
He played with all most of the best Bulgarian dj's and world dj's like: Filterheadz, Tom Baker, Hi Fi Princess, Max Brown, Space Dj'z, DJ Cave, Ade Fanton, DJ Surgeon, DJ Boss, DJ Manush, Andreas Kremer and more.
In the middle of May 2007 his first single is released by one of Mastiksoul's label Hoshi Digital!
After his 1st release for Hoshi Digital, he release some more tracks for the same label with Kozin, Thomas and Mioko, and he release an EP for the label of Tony Thomas Progress Recordings.
He is working on producing own tracks and some underground rmxs with Kozin, Thomas, PHM, Xander Mord and Redsquare!
Co-hosted show

Dead Souls

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on July 20th, 2007 and new episodes were coming out until July 18th, 2008. A total of 13 episodes of Dead Souls has aired on TM Radio.
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MindControl, 1 episode:

episode 010 (Aug 30, 2007)
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