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"Michael and Levan" is about a 4 years old musician brothers duo (Real Names; Michael Dunamalyan, Levan Dunamalyan). Brothers were born in capital of Georgia, Tbilisi(Eastern Europe). Everything started out in 1996, when brothers Michael and Levan meet their furthcoming Life in Moscow within Robert Miles. Miles was first Musician who acted on them very strongly, after R.Miles sound, which was harming brother's health in perfect case of sense, they decided to create... produce...act and just be Musicians, to amaze the sound in which they found themselves. The next 3 years they were just coming closer to this world gathering many kind of audio materials and tunes which were played by Dj MichaeLevan(Levan Dunamalyan) in Georgian clubs. Near in 2002 Michael and Levan Dunamalyans created their first Project(Track), in it's days they were just confused that they worked a lot, but they didn't make attract by their work in not a small, but undiversed town. They didn't even think that it was too difficult to reach some musician collaborations and make themselves famous even for a little bit... it was really hard to give an acceptance in this case of reality, after all one of them had even expiration period to drop this job out at all, so they were really confused out of situation, but... Absolutely Accidently ! One of internet friends,fantastic dj and excellent person Dj Mewel ,just adviced brothers to visit the web of TILTH MUSIC, and send tracks to Snake Sedrick and Tilthmusic label at all, brothers really did this way,and they have been drived crazy when personally Snake Sedrick replied to their mail straight next day and cost their work as a Beautiful and Perfect slave till Electronic Music:) For today Levan(Dj MichaeLevan) is a perspective DJ in Georgia. His unique progressive sound in the tracks brought him respect among many famous DJs and producers. In his sets you can always feel deep and dark sounds of progressive house, which never dies! At this days Michael & Levan are frequent guests of club "Tunnel",and steadily develop their status of upcoming progressive DJ & producers. Also they are often invited to various radioshows all over the world.They were guests at "Immersed" show on friskyradio,"Sudam" show on friskyradio,"Tronik sessions"on AZ FM, "Dark senses" on Pure fm,"Raining sessions" on ADN fm,"Lacandon sessions" on Jenny fm,"Tranceplantation exclusive" on Russian radiostation "Adam". At this days they work hard on new tracks and remixes...
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Episode (Jul 15, 2007)

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Episode 010 (Mar 11, 2010)
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