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Norbert Dunai in the civil life- was an aspiring DJ ever since hes seen the first turntable in his life. Started out in the junior high years, when he was the lead organizer of school, birthday and all other kind of parties. He was only 16 at his first techno party and he started buying records right after. 2000. November Balkan Beat Brothers event @ Robinson is one of the most memorable event in his career, Sur-prises warm-up, Garfield breaks, Gunters tribal drums and Polis hypnotic house set left a deep impression and from that point on hes got involved with his idolized DJs. Started out promoting his own parties with Kenny and Mort just outside of Budapest. Stuart gave him an opportunity to play at his own Club New Night in Tiszakecske. After he left, the crowd spread the world and it kicked off his career. Since that he played at the best clubs all over Hungary. His followers could find ;Norbika;-as his friends call him- at the best clubs Hungary could offer;Home@Budapest, Pacha@Budapest, Citadella@Budapest, B7@Budapest,Dokk@Budapest, Korona@Kecel, Flort@Siófok, Palace@Siófok, New Night@Tiszakécske, Studio Martin@Bucharest, Gossip@Bucharest, Spot@Bucharest, Nagual@Bucharest, Kudos Beach@Constanca, Heat@Oradea, Zambara@Timisvara, Heaven@Timisvara, No Name@Timisvara, Pasha@Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca@Oscar, Hush Hush@Brassov just to name a few of them.

He was able to show off his skills to many world known DJs while warming up to Lee Burridge, Steve Lawler, Satoshi Tomiie, Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier, James Zabiela, Luke Fair, James Holden, Asley Cassale, Nick Warren, Hybrid, Lexicon Avenue, Paul Oakenfold, Luke Chable, Austin Leeds, Paolo Mojo, Desyn Masiello , Darren Emerson, Chemical Brothers, Nick K., Chloe Harris, Sultan, Cass, John Creamer, 16bit Lolitas, Quivver, Terry Francis, The Low End Specialists, Chab, and the list goes on Regularly plays for Debut, Pressure, Music Addict. Hes got great support from Poli, Sur-prise, David Bali and the Debut Team, Love Events...
Participated in following shows

Deep City Hours, 1 episode:

Episode 019 (Jul 05, 2007)

Sonic Illusions, 1 episode:

Episode 003 (Jul 26, 2008)
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