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It all started late in the year 2002, and in that short career he's been invited to play in many important events and festivals such as Nokia Trends, Space World Tour, Bedrock Records @ Bs. As., Dance Connection and Proton Fest Bs.As. to name a few, at Argentina's most important clubs [Pacha, Mint]. Also he was invited to play at Moinho Club (Brazil), Confraria das Artes (Brazil) & Proton Fest (Colombia) .

Leonardo shared the booth with internationally renowned DJs, big names such as Kosmas Epsilon, Jaytech, 16 Bit Lolitas, Pole Folder, Paolo Mojo, Thomas Penton, Mr. C, King Unique, Stephane K, Benjamin Bates, Tom Neville, Emjae, Kasey Taylor, Cass, Rowan Blades, Joshua Collins, Jonathan Lisle, Steve Gerrard, Neil Quigley among others.

His style can be described as a blend of funky house, tech, electro & progressive.

Along other local djs hes part of Feedback-Bookings [www.feedback-bookings.com], which main purpose is to promote artistically new local & foreign talents.

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