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First he liked the hard beats like techno and so on but some years later he felt ease. That times he get acquainted with the good progressive sounds. Some month later he listened house music everytime. Till 2005 he just listened the good house music but afterward he tryed to mix the things together with some programs like Traktor DJ. It was good but not enought so he decided he will buy real gear. In Summer he visited Budapest and bought his new and real gear (cdj-200/reloop40-dsp).

Now he's playing every day on his decks. He is making small parties and supply the good electronic music for his friends.

He started his career just recently so he hasn’t got lot of gigs yet but he hopes he will have some in future and he will get more known in the area.

In 2006 he started to play from turnatbles and today he is playing only from turntable.
He is using 2 turntables and a laptop with mixvibes.

In 2007 January with his friend he started a clubnight in Bácsalmás at Aquarius Music Club its called Break Of The Voice.
Now the clubnight is 1 yer old and there were powerful guests in the club. ex: SanFranciscoBeat,Dave Van N,Badgirls,Lank,Nighlight,Andro etc

In 2008 J-smith will spend more time with making music...

Hosted show on TM Radio

Deep City Hours

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 5th, 2006 and new episodes were coming out until June 2nd, 2011. A total of 56 episodes of Deep City Hours has aired on TM Radio.
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