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Del Sol as. Istvan Vezsenyi Born in Kecskemet (Hungary) 21.06.1984. He learnt classical music and piano for 13years in Kodaly Zoltan Music School. (he got his first piano when he was one years old:) During his secondary school years, he started producing and writing own tracks, his veryfirst dj experiences comes also from those times. First he played popular, housy club music but was more and more interested in progressive sound and melodies. Finally the feeling that he can explain himself with progressive music just as he did with classical - caught him completely. Since then he's working hard, unbroken and ambiciously to achieve his dreams. Last year he started his own clubnight - Siren Song that reaches more and more people from party to party...
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Deep City Hours, 2 episodes:

EP017 (Jun 07, 2007)
Episode (Nov 01, 2007)
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