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Tragida (Dario Lupo) is a young Italian trance producer. He first became interested in trance in 2001 listening to classics such as Gouryella - Ligaya, Rank 1 - Airwave, etc. In 2005 he gets the opportunity to join Emotive Sounds soon after it was started, becoming one of the in-house producers. In 2006 the first “Tragida” releases start to appear and are instantly supported by top DJs. His seminal remix for Saint Rush’s “Pyro” becomes one of the summer classics in Ibiza and is included in various compilations, among which the XpressBeats summer Ibiza compilation.

After many years spent learning production skills with other akas (Likuida, Afterstar and similiars), in 2007 he joined other labels, like Royal Tek and DAIF, where he's going to release a lot of remixes and new singles. His favourite style of Trance is "Uplifting, Epic Trance", but he likes also TechTrance (artists like Mark Norman, or E-Craig).

When not in the studio, Tragida is a very down to earth guy who enjoys videogames, movies and spending time with his friends and his girlfriend, a permanent source of inspiration.

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episode 59 (Jun 13, 2007)
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