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Lamia, the hometown of dj Tim, is a small city lying in Central Greece whose youth soon developed an interest in electronic music, though the city lacked in clubs and leading local artists. Efthimios Efthimiou, born on the 2nd of April in 1978, was one of those -eager to explore new music paths- teenagers, so at the age of 16 he started working as a resident jockey in cafes and bars and contributed to the dance awareness of his city.

“Few cared and even less understood what electronic music was about, but that never stopped me from involving. Quite the opposite. It helped me realize that I mostly needed and wanted to do this for my personal satisfaction...”

Tim then went a step further and promoted several gigs (without any special guest djs) in Lamia.And it proved to be a gratifying experience, which lasted 3 years and provided him the know-how needed, in order to proceed after the year 2000 into promoting some of the hottest dance events in Central Greece. His effort was strongly encouraged..

In the meantime, his skills as a dj became more and more appreciated by leading Greek djs such as G-Pal, Mikele, Christo Z and many more, who gave Tim the opportunity to play with them in prestigious clubs and massive parties. Moreover, he shared the decks with superstar djs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, Terry Lee Brown Jr, Danny Howells, Lexicon Avenue,Luke fair and others. “Music was a hobby to me. It kept me happy and that was all I wanted. I didn’t expect much more and I certainly never imagined that I would someday be playing next to Hernan Cattaneo!”. Tim’s involvement into the Greek electronic scene, indeed, proved more effective than his initial intentions were. And it was probably his low profile, steady moves and true love for music, which led to his success and recognition after all. Being the proud host of his own two hour show in MCR 91.2 Central Greece Radio Station since 2001 should at this point be mentioned. During the last couple of years he dedicated the last hour of his set to numerous popular artists like Anthony Pappa,Satoshi Tommie, Tone Depth and Mikele offering his fans the best possible updating and entertainment, while some of his mixes enjoyed the hospitality of Emanuel Phaz Transport Show at eccentricbeats,Frisky radio guest hours,Oslo nights and other net radios worldwide.

His gigs in important clubs across the country augmentative continued (Fuse, Luv, Gossip-Athens, Aqua Nova-Katerini, Red Room-Ioannina just to name a few and in Magique-Bucharest, Romania as well) and brought Tim closer to the legible Control team in 2004. In other words, he joined the roaster of the oldest progressive party in the Greek clubbing scene, whose basis is Athens, but systematically tours all over the country. That’s how he met Patra´s favorite dj, Freespirit and has been collaborating with him ever since. But last year was a definite breakthrough for Tim regarding his professional evolution. He soon decided to leave the Control team and expand his horizons by enrolling into Trust Entertainment, the most demanding booking agency -among other things- in Greece. Working in the studio for his own productions is another step towards this direction and at the same time a creative way to express his musical maturity. David Kassi, Tim’s x-partner, is an important factor in this effort and their first single will be out by Samer’s Pangea Recordings, while a track for a greek compilation is already released at Greek’s Nrg records.Now he is colloborating with his friend Andi Vasilos a guy who is member of Adult music(GER) and has some recent releases abroad.

2005 has brought Tim closer to the Athenian dance scene, playing at Luv Club with DJs G.Pal, Anna Maria X, Stel, Tone Depth, Christian Cambas and many more! Moreover, the work in the studio goes on and on, signing tracks to well established and fresh progressive house labels such as Helvetica, Behold, Acute and with massive support from various jockeys! Finally, the radio show guestings at various worldwide stations such as DI.FM and Frisky Radio are more than often and pretty successful!

The increasing interest in Tim’s work is undoubtedly a pleasing outcome possible to be strengthened promptly, since he only recently started devoting time and energy into the production scheme.

At the moment he has releases out at labels such Behold, Second Coming, Robotronic, Spinifex, Nascent, Refrazed,Fiberlineaudio etc and has done remixes for artists such Matt Rowan, Terry Grant, Dan Welton and many others.
Also he is a&r promoter in Greece for USA’S label Fiberlineaudio.
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Dark Energy, 1 episode:

Vol.11 - Young Lions (May 19, 2007)
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