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As one of the first pioneers to start introducing dance music to his native South Florida, this veteran has been DJing, producing, & releasing techno projects since 1992. Since then, Penton has produced various releases that have fueled the best talents in the world. Penton's productions have been supported for over a decade by Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, Paul Oakenfold, Chus & Celballos, and many others. Today, he has released over 80 various projects on some of the industries highest respected dance labels, including Perfecto, Armada, Intenso, Stereo Productions, Sutil, Baroque & more. For-more his many past & present productions are featured on numerous compilations from some of the industries largest selling dance labels, such as Euphoria, Gatecrasher, Bedrock, and Perfecto. His style has crossed all borders, from producing a wide range of progressive, tribal, and electro house releases. His productions have received acclaim press from some of the industries largest dance magazines and online publications.

Now Penton heades his own label, Electric Candy Recordings. Allowing him to focus more on electro house & progressive styled projects, there are many releases scheduled for 2007. The label will also feature numerious remixers as well featuring productions from artists Peter Presta, Tronso, Martin H., Hernan Serrao, Scott Anselmo, Damien Heck, & Cecil McCarthy are out now and receiving massive support worldwide. Thomas's last release, "Jacks Funk" charted #1 at for several weeks. Releases are available now exclusively at

At the beginning of the year, Thomas completed his Mix CD with 19BOX Recordings from Japan. As well as, mixing the soon to be released ‘Girls on Film’ dance remix album for 2Asides Rec. And later in 2007, Thomas will be releasing a new mix cd with I/O Music featuring some of the best in electro/progressive house. But his studio work doesn't end there; Thomas has released sample library cds for production studios & artists titled, Essential Drums & Percussion Vol. I. and the newly released, Essential Loops & Sound Effects; which has been featured in Future Music Magazine. These two special projects are available exclusively at And be expecting numerious more remixes & original productions from him before the years end. He has toured all throughout the world and all throughout the US and is currently available for DJ performances and remix productions.

Discography for Electric Candy Recordings:

# ECR007: Thomas Penton - Midnight Freak (Original & Alex Armes RMX)
# ECR006: Thomas Penton - Bring Me Back (Original & Cecil McCarthy RMX)
# ECR005: Scott Anselmo - Vertical Lift (Aerobraking & Damien Heck Mixes)
# ECR004: Thomas Penton & Hernan Serrao - Jacks Funk (Original & Alyson Calagnas Elektra RMX)
# ECR003: Tronso - Your So Nice to Me (Original & Santiago Nino RMX)
# ECR002: Thomas Penton Presents Stripwalker - Everything is Wrong (Original & Martin H. RMX)
# ECR001: Thomas Penton - Body Rock (Original & Peter Presta RMX)

Discography for Thomas Penton:

# Thomas Penton - Midnight Freak - Electric Candy Rec.
# Ambrozia - Baby (Thomas Penton RMX) 19BoxRec.
# Thomas Penton - Bring Me Back- Electric Candy Rec.
# Thomas Penton & Hernan Serrao - Jacks Funk - Electric Candy Rec.
# Suzanne Palmer - Free my Love (T. Penton & Alyson Calagna RMX) Star 69 Rec.
# DJ 19 & Thomas Penton - 3am Delightful - 19Jukebox Rec.
# DJ Petzi - Looking for You (T. Penton remix) Loop 128 Rec.
# Santiago Nino - Hotel Cocktail (T. Penton remix)
# Smokekeepers - Higher (T. Penton rmx) 2Asides Rec
# Fitalic - Atomic Atmosphere (T. Penton rmx) Tribal Traxx
# Marris - Egarnical (Thomas Penton rmx) Motion Recordings
# Hammer Funabashi - Moments (T. Penton remix) Armada Music
# Penton, Tronso, & Inkfish - Style, Flash, Pazaz Motion Recordings
# Peter Presta - The Latin Express (Thomas Penton remix) Apple Jaxx Rec.
# Atmos - Ordinary World (Thomas Penton remix) ACDC Rec.
# Dolce - I Will (Thomas Penton remix) Purchase Musik
# Girls on Film - Love Robot (T. Pentons retro mix) 2Asides Rec.
# Stripwalker - Everything is Wrong Electric Candy Recordings
# Thomas Penton - Im in Control Nervine/Electric Candy Recordings
# Thomas Penton - Body Rock Electric Candy Recordings
# Little Green Men - Thru With You (Thomas Penton remix) Forensic Rec.
# di Paul - In Your Soul (T. Penton remix) - Loop 128 Rec.
# Barry Huffine & Thomas Penton - Empower Purchase Musik
# Bigg Jon - Bitch Got Magic (T. Penton rmx) - Reticent Rec.
# Ronski Speed - Have it All (Thomas Penton remix) - Euphonic Rec.
# Gio Red - Wheels n Hills (Thomas Penton remix) - Candyflip Rec.
# Thomas Penton & Alyson Calagna - Drawn to the Rhythm - Intenso Rec.
# Thomas Penton - Voodoo Magik - 19Box Limited
# Jody Watley - I Want You (T. Penton bootleg rmx)
# Jokke & Ewok - More (T. Penton rmx) - Nanobeat Rec.
# Absolut & Blades - Downward (T. Penton remix) - Kumquat Tunes
# Inkfish & Martin H - No More (T. Penton rmx) - Invent Rec.
# Clubbervision - Beyond Frontiers (T. Penton rmx) - Noctambula Rec.
# Dan Sampson & Jhereal - Solid Gold (T.Penton & J.Robins rmx) - Release Grooves
# RPO & Thomas Penton - Perfect Storm - Garbage Rec.
# Thomas Penton - Inside Me/Devotion - Sutil Rec.
# Thomas Penton - I Want More - Nervine Records
# Greed ft. Leslie - Watch (Thomas Penton rmx) SOG Rec.
# Thomas Penton - Deeper Vowels - Baroque Records
# Tony Estrada - Black Derby (Thomas Penton rmx) PureSubstance Rec.
# Thomas Penton - Dominica - Armada Music
# Thomas Penton - Distorted Reality - Nervine Rec.
# Thomas Penton - Monolith [Mix I & II] - NanoBeat Rec.
# DJ 19 VS Thomas Penton - Ima - 19Box Recordings
# Michael Lanning - Bound for Ascension (T. Penton rmx) - HeadRush Music
# Gift - Mental Motion (T.Penton remix) - Jebeq Rec.
# Descent - Electric Storm (T.Penton remix) - Propulsion Rec.
# Nujen - Darksides (T. Penton remix) - Release Records
# Penton & Anthony - el Ritmo Sensual (Mix I&II) - Stereo Productions/ReadyMix
# Thomas Penton - Settle the Score - Nano Beat
# Mary J Blige - Real Love (T. Penton remix) - RR1000
# Chris Domingo - Darklight (T. Penton remix) - Boz Boz
# Gift - Duration (T. Penton remix) - Pure Music
# Chris Domingo - One Sound (T. Penton remix I&II) - Teknology
# Armand meets Penton VS Lenny Kravitz - Going My Way [white]
# Thomas Penton - Dirty Sanchez - Pure Music
# Nicole 11:11 - BodyWax (T. Penton remix) - Amped/Pure Music
# DJ 19 - Breakin' of the Dawn (T. Penton rmx) - 19Box Recordings
# Thomas Penton - Lock Up - Sunkissed Records
# Penton & Pasquale (orig. & rmx) - Alluvion - Teknology
# Penton & Pasquale - Bedtime Story [Madonna] (white)
# Penton & Duran - Control Factor - Stellar Records
# Tad Hutchinson - Syntrifical (T. Penton rmx) - Stellar Records
# Prototype (T. Penton rmx) - La Caldera - Tune Inn Records
# Thomas Penton - Cliffhanger - Tune Inn Records
# Undivided Space - Recovery - Stellar Records
# Zenith Nadir (T. Penton rmx) - I Feel the Music - Crush
# James Newton (T. Penton rmx) - Blackbird - Stellar Records
# Thomas Penton - Sidewinder - Inversus Records
# Sleepwalker - Face to Face - Inductive/Eve U.K.
# Thomas Penton - Delta State/Outer Ledge - Inductive
# Revolver - Absorber - XSF Records
# Powell & Costello (T. Penton rmx) - Once Apon a Time - Pure
# Sentinel - Avalanche - NEM Records
# Thomas Penton - Time Lapse/Lost Soul - Fade Records
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Dark Energy, 1 episode:

Vol.09 - High & Deep (Apr 21, 2007)

Absolute Madness, 1 episode:

Episode 008 (Jan 14, 2010)
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