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Ricardo Rodrigues, AKA Squeezer, was born in Oporto (Portugal) in the year 1983. Squeezer always had contact with dance music through his older brother, listening at home the early 90´s dance artists. But it was only at the age of 13 that he started to look to dance music in a different and more passionate way. At that age some friends took him to a dj store and when he saw for the first time the turntables spinning he knew in that same moment that Djing would be his future. He started listening to dance radios and getting all the information about the dance scene in Portugal. At the beginning his main influence was the same as almost of the Portuguese dj´s, Dj Vibe. At the age of 14 he decides to start learning how to mix, watching dj´s in clubs, learning and reading in magazines and renting 1 hour a week a dj studio where alone he learns the djing techniques( today he still doesnt own his technical gear, he continues going and renting the very same studio). He starts playing at little partys, school partys. In 98 he discovers progressive when listening to Yoshiesque mixed by Deep Dish. Deep Dish became his favourite djs and producers and progressive was growing and growing in Squeezer sets. In 2002 he goes to study Djing in a school for 3 months and there he meets Nuno Cacho( his teacher ), one of the most known and best Dj´s in Portugal and he helps him to get the first big gigs. Squeezer played in some events during 2003 and 2004, including a big summer festival ´´Vilar de Mouros 2003`` and in TSB Sessions, one of the most known partys in Oporto that took place in a famous theatre. In 2005 he stops due to some problems in his dj agency but nothing that would let him go down. In 2006 all starts again, he decides that progressive / house / breaks is his only musical style that takes presence in his sets, having influences such as: Federico Epis, Dj Tarkan, V-Sag, B.I.G, G-Pal, Sultan, Tone Depth, Tommyboy, Snake Sedrick,Dousk, Jacques Lu Cont, Deep Dish etc.. In Squeezer sets you can listen to the sounds of his favourite artists and you can count with a journey through all kind of progressive music. With a few gigs in Portugal and a radio show called ´´DREAM LIGHTS`` on www.jenny.fm and Danceradio.Gr ( where he already had special guests like: Dj Tarkan, Emanuel Phaz, Federico Epis, Helen K, V-Sag, Sultan and more to come in the future) 2006 was promising and now in 2007 one of his main projects is to dedicate more time to producing. Squeezer does what he loves most. This is his life, his dream, his journey.
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Episode (Apr 16, 2007)
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