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Boyan Atanasov a.k.a DJ promiss is born in 23 of April 1987 in Plovdiv. He started to mix in year 2002, just for fun in his house, and in year 2005 he started mixing electronic music professionally, after when he passed throught in two of the biggest agencies for profetional DJ's ELECTRIKA & E-BOOKING. He has been in many different famous clubs but of course it the begining he has started in small clubs. The first equipmet he had was CDJ-100 and mixer Numark DM950 but he changed it and at the moment he is mixing on CDJ-800 and mixer Pioneer DJM400. He is happy about what he is doing and also that the people like it as well, maybe because when he is going on a party he doesn's do a tracklisting before the party he is mixing all the tracks he want at the moment.
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