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Fernando Gorosito AKA Fernando G, was born the June 17th of 1978, at the city of Tandil - Buenos
Aires- Argentina.
His Dj career began on 1999 when he got his first cdplayers just like a hobby. Lead to progressive -
house and technno sounds, Fernando attends to the most popular electronic festivals in Argentina,
getting involved into the sounds of big djs like Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Garcia, Dave Seaman,Steve
Lawler, Sasha and John Digweed; who were a pretty strong influence to him.
His very first professional gig was on 2004 in Mexico, when he spinned at places such as Zulu Lounge
and X-Friends.
Back in Argentina, he made his first steps on Music Production guided by his friend and produccion
partner Frangellico, with who made his first track "Piedras" wich had a huge support from big names on the
progressive world scene like Martin Garcia and Dj Tarkan just to name a few, and being released by Acute.
At present, his is constantly working on new stuff. Always keeping his mainly dark emotional progressive vibe
and trying to fuse new sounds in order to take the progressive sounds to a higer level.

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Better Feeling, 1 episode:

Episode (Apr 05, 2007)
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