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Marko Jovanovic was born in Zagreb, 27.11.1983. and since 1995. he lives in Novi Sad. He started to place his interest in music at the age of 17 and eventually turned professional at the age of 19.
At the beginning of the year 2003. he started working on the popular radio station Radio AS 101,2 MHz using his artistic name of DJ Macro that is considered to be very talented and prosperous. The very same radio is the place he meets DJ Darko who initiates him into secrecy of DJing and mixing which ended up developing serious collaboration.
DJ Macro is one of the youngest DJs on the Radio AS and the thing he can boast of is that people memorized his name quickly as well as listening to his DJ sets on the radio which are considered and categorized as "Don't Miss It". Generally, sets he does can be described as very dynamic quality mainstream imbued with hard clubbing sound. The quality of his work was recognized by many clubs in Novi Sad which led to highly frequent engagement in many of those. After spending some time in the USA, he came back to Novi Sad with new refreshing experiences ready to progress in work he is into. As the aim has been fulfilled implying working in majority of topical clubs of Novi Sad and being one of the best DJ's around considered by many apart from his own opinion that he can bring some more and that people never hear him in his zenith. Main factors for his success are love, quality and enjoyment of work as a DJ.

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