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Mert Yucel started his professional music carrier with the release of his debut album Mert Yucel Project “his” which is the first ever house music album released in Turkey until that time.
-With the release of the album he started to get performance offers from big clubs around istanbul. With his unique style and tight djing technique , he stortly became of the the most popular clubs djs in Turkey.

-In the Year of 2002 his remix of tribal house classic Underground Sound Of Lisbon “so get up” is released by Dj Vibe’s respected Kaos Records. Remix became a smash hit and got charted and played by names like Danny Tenaglia , Steve Lawler , Omid 16b , Xpress 2 and many more…

-In the year of 2003 Mert Yucel signed a 3 record deal with UK’s much respected Choo Choo Records . He released EP called “deepxperience” under this contract in the same year. 12” got a world wide success and licenced to many compilations. Around the same times 2003 Steve Lawler offered a remix job for his label Harlem.

-Mert Yucel released his third 12” called “dreamer” on top progressive label Baroque Records. The single features vocals by famous Turkish singer Aylin Aslim. “dreamer” got a very big success all around the world and hit the no.1 on USA’s respected Balance Promote Group Chart.

-In the year of 2004 Mert Yucel released his “microwave ep” on Uk’s Nascent Records and short after he remixed London 909 for Distraekt Records UK. Around the end of 2004 his collaboration with GoknilGokmen/SarpYýlmaz is released by top UK label Plastic Fantastic. Tracks are called “estranged” and “fade away” . Both got licenced to many compilations and charted by top jocks.

-Mert Yucel’s remix of world famous vocalist Viklo Lazlo and Serhat Hacipasaoglu collaboration called “Total Disguise” released on End Productions along side another remix by Gotan Project

-Italian Mo-Do Records released another collaboration project with Mert Yucel and Sarp Yilmaz called “gen up ep” Track called “heavy addictive” from the EP got a huge success and topped no.9 on the Balance Promote Chart in the year of 2005. Right after that release Mert Yucel/Sarp Yilmaz signed one more collaboration track called “sneakee” to the Gpal’s respected Swift Records. Track is due to release around November 2006.
-In the same year Mert Yucel released a 2 track ep called “get into my groove” on UK’s world wide famous Subversive Records. A side track “just your touch” also features the vocals by renowned vocalist Derek Conyer. Track got a big success and got played by djs like Danny Tenaglia , Steve Lawler , Dj Chus and Dj Vibe. After the huge success of the 12” , Subversive Records re-released “just your touch” in the year of 2006 with 2 new remixes by Portuguese producer Carlos Fauvrelle and Mert Yucel himself.
-Around the end of 2005 Mert Yucel started his own label called DeepXperience Productions ( ) Label’s very first release “mickey bizness” was from Mert Yucel himself. Release got big support from Dj Chus , Joe T Vanelli , Danny Tenaglia , Gpal and many more and went on no 14 at Balance Promote Chart.
-Mert Yucel remixed Turkish rock band called Mor ve Otesi. Remix got a huge attention and success and played on radios instead of the original.
-Lately Mert Yucel and Goknil Gokmen released an EP called “unreleased projects vol.1” on DeepXperience Productions which featured the tracks that are never released as a single , only licenced to compilations before.
-In these days Mert Yucel is working on a new single with Janis Leahy who also worked with DeepDish on the latest album “George is on”
-With the success of the each release he did , Mert Yucel become a well known name in the electronic music scene all around the world. His upfront unique style of blending different grooves of dance music with the feeling of excitement and pure driving, enabled Mert to stand out from many other djs and producers in his own country , Turkey ! Without being stuck into a simple genre , you can find all elements of dance music from Funky to Tribal , progressive to twisted edge of techno polished with full of suprising acapellas and fx'es which are in the most tight and seamless form... the building up is mostly by his own edits, exclusive / unreleased tracks. Mert played alongside some of world's groundbreaking djs such as Sasha ,Steve Lawler ,Chemical Brothers, Nick Warren , Sander Kleinenberg. and Josh Wink at renowed parties , clubs , festivals and events all around Turkey and also in Greece , France , Georgia and Lithunania... Also watch out for Mert Yucel's radio show on Radio FG 93.7 FM. Turkey’s best dance station featuring shows from best local djs and international names like Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez , Pete Tong etc...

DJ STYLE : House Music (properly funkin’ grooves!)
M/M Katamaran , Bodrum , TR
Club Magma , Istanbul , TR
Club Milk , Istanbul , TR
Club Auditorium , Alanya , TR
Dulcinea , Istanbul , TR
ROOM @ Dulcinea , TR
Cantina , Istanbul , TR
Club Lab , Istanbul , TR
Club Fourteen , Istanbul , TR
Club Twenty , Istanbul , TR
Club 2C , Istanbul , TR
Club Orange , Istanbul , TR
Snob , Istanbul , TR
Kitsch , Istanbul , TR
Club Element , Istanbul , TR
Zihni , Istanbul , TR
Babylon , Istanbul , TR
Club Dali , Istanbul , TR
Club Joyeux , Istanbul , TR
Club Filter , Istanbul , TR
Park Orman , Istanbul , TR
Club Foli , Tekirdag , TR
Club She , Tekirdag , TR
Best Club , Tekirdag , TR
Venue , Istanbul , TR
Club Recycle, Istanbul, TR
Roxy , Istanbul , TR
Soho Terrace , Istanbul , TR
Saklikent , Ankara , TR
Club Underground , Istanbul , TR
Life Roof , Istanbul , TR
Club Jackies , Istanbul , TR
Club Rush , Istanbul , TR
After @ Cubuklu Hayal , Istanbul , TR
Club Jukebox , Istanbul , TR
Club Republic , Istanbul , TR
Club 33 Resurrection , Izmir , TR
Saloon , Izmir , TR
NonStop Beach Club , Istanbul ,TR
Kacamak Beach Club , Ayvalik , TR
Club Bithynia , Izmit , TR
Yeni Melek Event Hall , Istanbul,TR
Club Auf , Istanbul , TR
Balans Music Hall , Istanbul , TR
Buzada , Istanbul , TR
Route 66 , Newcastle , Ankara , TR
Club Secret , Istanbul , TR
Estime Teras , Istanbul , TR
Re-Fresh , Istanbul , TR
Club Exit , Kaunas , Litvanya
Club Fortezza Bedroom , Girit , Yunanistan
Fashion Tv Bar , Tiflis , Gürcistan
Fly Club , Tiflis , Gürcistan
Club Adjara , Tiflis Gürcistan
H2000 Music Festival , Ömerli , Istanbul , TR
Fete Dans La ville 2000 , Paris , France
Miller H2000 Time'01 , Istanbul , TR
8. International Jazz Festival , Istanbul , TR
3. Europan Youth Festival , Ankara , TR
H2000 Music Festival 2002 , Ömerli , Istanbul , TR
H2000 Music Festival 2003 , Sariyer , Istanbul , TR
Bughole Festival 2003 , Solar Beach , Istanbul , TR
Rockistanbul Festival 2004 , Solar Beach , Istanbul , TR
Electronica Festival 2005 , Parkorman , Istanbul , TR
Steve Lawler
Nick Warren
Omid '16b' Nourizadeh
Jamie Anderson
Joel Mull
Brenda Russell
Jan Carbon
Josh Wink
Christian Smith
Craig Richards
Barry Gilbey
Dj Commie
Miles Holloway
Space DJz
Mike Paradinas aka MUziq
Takkyu Ishino
Sander Kleinenberg
Chemical Brothers
Junior Sanchez
Mark Vedo
Stanton Warriors
James Zabiela
Dj Heaven
Chris Fortier
Desyn Massielo
Dj Chus
Dj Tomcraft
Andrew Weatherall
Dj Remy
Krafty Kutz
Chris Liebing
Ben Sims
Flash Brothers
Jussi Pekka
Max Graham
Leon Roberts
Saeed / Palash
Pako / Frederick
Sandra Collins
Rennie Pilgrem
Lemon 8
Lawnchair Generals

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