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Carlos Manaca is one of the well-known Portuguese Djs / Producers. His career started in 1986, in his hometown, Barreiro, near Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Being one of the Portuguese Djs involved in 1989s Acid House movement, it was when he moved to the North of Portugal that his career took off.

As resident Dj of two of the most important clubs in the North of Portugal, "Cais 447" (1992 to 1995) and "Rockīs Club" (1995 to 1996), he played with almost all the known International Djs. Names like Armand Van Elden (1995), Danny Tenaglia (1995), Todd Terry, Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier (1996), Underworld playing Live (1996), Jeff Mills, Ritchie Hawtin, Johnny Viscious, Dj Sneak, David Alvarado, Scot Bradford, Rob Di Stefano, among many others who played in Portugal, for the first time, at Rocks Club, making this club an reference in Portugal and abroad.

As a Producer, his work begun in 1994 with the Portuguese live act "O.L.N.", an Oporto duo formed by Paulo Rocha (Paul Jays) and Joao Correia. O.L.N.īs first 12" was immediately picked up by TRIBAL AMERICA / UK in 1995, as O.L.N.-"Oporto Deep Cuts EP", featuring two Carlos Manaca's remixes of "Reboot 144" and "Places of Pleasure".

In 1997, with Paulo Rocha (Paul Jays), starts a label called MAGNETIC RECORDS, which only releases one 12", M-SYSTEM's "Most Anything", also featuring a Carlos Manaca remix. Then both decide to create in 1999 MAGNA RECORDINGS PORTUGAL, one of the well known and respected Portuguese Dance Labels.

In 2001 co-produces Manaca, Chus & Ceballos "The Strong Rhythm", a track released by Stereo Productions (2001), and by MAGNA RECORDINGS (2002), being later licensed to several other Labels and included in Deep Dish's "GLOBAL UNDERGROUND: MOSCOW" mixed compilation, and reaching sales charts all over the globe. This allowed Carlos Manaca to play in countries like Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Mexico, Russia, USA, several times in Japan and Spain, where he plays since 1993, and lives since 2002, after finishing an Audio Engineering Degree in SAE INSTITUTE, in Madrid, the well known English Audio College which recently opened in Spain.

In 2004 starts, also with Paulo Rocha / Paul Jays, a new House Label: MAGNETICA. A Label with a more "housey" orientation, to release tracks that dont fit the Magna Recordings style.

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Original Productions:
Dj Dub - "Is There A God?" - World Music Portugal - 1998

Carlos Manaca - "Feel The Drums" - Magna Recordings - 2000

Manaca,Chus & Ceballos -"The Strong Rhythm"- Magna Recordings - 2001

Manaca & De Rivera - "Moving To The Beats" - Magna Recordings - 2005


O.L.N. - "Places of Pleasure" - Tribal America - 1995

O.L.N. - "Reboot" - Tribal America - 1995

M-System - "Most Anything" - Magnetic Rec.[Portugal] - 1998

Manaca,Chus & Ceballos -"The Strong Rhythm"- Magna Recordings - 2002

Pete "Tha Zouk" - "Shine On" - Magna Recordings - 2003

Carlos Manaca - "Feel The Drums" - Magna Recordings - 2005

Victor Calderone -"Give It Up"- Carlos Manaca rmx - Magna Recordings - 2006

Christian Duran - "Madreselva" - Carlos Manaca MAGNA rmx - Iberican - 2007

Mixed CD Compilations:

"Pure Elements Of House Music" - Universal Music [Portugal] - 2000

"Fresh Fruit" - cover CD Dance Club Magazine [Portugal] - 2001

"OLA Love 2 Dance" - Vidisco [Portugal] - 2004

"Magna Recordings: 5 Years" - Dance Club Mag [Portugal] - 2005

"5 Years of Magna Recordings" - Magna Recordings - 2006
Participated in following shows

Pure Senses, 1 episode:

Episode (Apr 02, 2007)

Feel The Sound, 1 episode:

Episode 006 (Jan 13, 2008)
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