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BIO THE VINTAGE Bruno and Flavio

FLAVIO was born in Portugal in 1982. He settled in Switzerland in 1992.

By 1996, his passion for the music had become an important part of his life, and he became involved with Dancefloors , which were appearing all over Switzerland.

He was a frequent visitor of the Erotica and Les Nuits de Paris evening performances.

These were the ultimate meeting places for the gays of Swiss Romande, in 2001, belonging to Lausanne Club 4310, under the name “ Xtaz”.

His particular choice of music and his taste for the “ tribal sound “ was already being spoken about. He was becoming known to the public eye as a musician with potential.

In 2002 he belonged to the Cult Club of that time in the group Lausanne Club. Here, he played alongside djs like, Deep Dish, Peace Division, Robbie Rivera and such like.

A friend called Tanguy, one of the fashionables organisers of “ Niteshop” in Paris asked him to come to the French dancefloors. These he stormed with success.

“Xtaz” became the star performers in the Club Sweet Club made in Switzerland. They were unforgettable evenings. Later there was, of course the exceptional Mooltipass ( 8 disc mixer ) in the mythical Studio 287 – Paris .

He returned regularly to the Parisien dancefloors such as the Stonewall, La Loco ( in Pete Tha Zouk’s company ), Les Bains douches, Le Queen ( at the side of Dan Marciano ).

He was invited to Belgium ( by Sugar Cain ) at The Café D’Envers and to Décadance where, the loyal followers of this type of music would meet and listen.

He became famous and in 2003 he was made the top Dj of Club House; the reference being the D!Club of Swiss Romande. This time it was he who made invitations…working with his friend Jean, and using the name “ Nitewalker “ he developed a new dimension of music and with it a new meaning for the meeting places for the people of Lausanne.

They had only one thing in mind, and that was to make people dance at these notorious evenings. These “ Chik’en Cream evenings invited the most famous of all House music Dj’s all over the world…

Meanwhile, let me introduce you to the person who became “ the brain “ of The Vintage duo.

BRUNO was also born in Portugal, in 1976. He moved to Switzerland at the early age of 6. From the age of 16 he became a devoted follower of all National rave parties in Switzerland, going from Masters ( Yverdon ) to Cubik ( Roggwill ). These were Dancefloor Syndroma evenings.

He was much influenced by the electronic music of the 90`s and he had given 6 years of his life in order to study in a studio ( 1997 – 2002 ). He mixed different types of sounds, in order to create a new type of music, which was a combination of both techno and house progressive. This gave birth to his very own style of music.

He began by acquiring a TB303 and a sampler, and these were followed by numerous other instruments.

This was how Bruno became perceptive towards music; he was a perserver and a perfectionist.

This long period of time allowed him to reach out and find his own type of musical sounds, and he also had experience in studio. He was someone who worked especially with “ feeling “.

His first appearance, was in a contest, for the Future Club 5 and 7 in the Dance Club Magazine.

It was destiny that him and his future wife put together a project which was called “ Puzz Team “with various sounds of Techno-: Techouse. They both worked in the studio and got together a live act techno and performing it for the first time at the “MAD”- the most well known club in all Swiss Romande.

From this sprung the idea of creating “ The Vintage “ with Bruno F. and Flavio M.

Bruno, with his knowledge in production and Flavio, with his experience in DJ and musical feeling.

They progressed together and became Dj`s- Producers.

Since 2003 they have belonged to the programme “ Warm up “ broadcasted on Radio Framboise throughout Switzerland. To this day they are still participating in the Rouge Platine programme on Saturday evenings on Rouge FM.

There was one most unforgettable evening: Dance TV – Sic Radical travelled the world over , to chose the most fashionable Clubs to perform, one evening in 2004 in the Cult Club Lausanne. They used House – Tribal sounds accompanied by Dj The Fox, and Tania Pascoal ( PT ).

This evening was broadcasted on TV Sic Radical, in Portugal.

In 2004, they later founded the “ Playground “ evenings at the D!Club, where they chose to play Tribal House music. This was played for the dancefloors in Lausanne.

In August 2005, The Vintage made their first record “ To Believe “ on the new label of Eddie Amador called Mochicoprimo!.

They used the remix and it was charted by internationally Djs such as Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Tom Stephan, Dany Rampling, Seamus Haji, Erik Wikman. Deepswing, Red Radio London, Luis Leite etc…).

There was also a write –up in the IPJ magazine in Italy by Discoid IT.

The record was charted in the Gate2Ibiza 2005.

In September 2005, “ Wake up America” was produced on the Sondos/ Subliminal rec. label followed by the Supalova 9 compilation, Italy, by Joe T Vannelli.

The Vintage duo was created by several factors, and this is the story of a duo which continues to astound us day after day.

Keep in touch !

The Vintage

Special thanks to :

Eddie and Maria Amador ( MOCHICOPRIMO! )

Subliminal records ( Steve Hulme and Erick Morillo)

Tanguy – Paris

Evan Parker – Rouge FM

Joe T.Vannelli

Luis Leite

Bachir – Partynews CH


And all our friends , Djs and clubbers who have been with us from the beginning.

Participated in following show

Vision Sessions, 1 episode:

Episode (Mar 02, 2007)
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