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Mpampis Vasilos aka ''Bobby Deep'' was born and raised in Lamia, a city in central Greece. He has been a dj from the begining of 1993 when he started playing music in local clubs. International music is a beloved passion for Bobby, collecting records & djing have been one of his first hobbies from the off. So far he has performed many times as a dj with appearances in clubs and on radio along side top djs, such as Duskie Jay (boz boz ), Andreino (mas collective) , Pete Gooding, Terry Lee Brown, Paper Samurai aka Marcus Wortley(ALDJ / Ableton), Mikele, Petros floorfiller, Leon Segka & Miss Lefky. During the last 2 years Bobby has started producing his own music to a very high level featuring the vocal talents of the Gia who has such a great vocal presence. His first works have received a very enthusiastic response from established djs all around the globe & those in the Release Record Pool. He is currently starting his first batch of remixes and is also looking for other artists to work with and share his passion for music.
One thing is for certain in my minds eye, the future looks very bright for Bobby Deep. Words - Marcus Wortley
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Episode (Mar 04, 2007)
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