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Ram A.K.A Progressive Thrust was always involved in the international   Underground House scene as a DJ, Producer, Remixer and even Promoter.

At the age of 12, his father noticed his madness towards music, so he went and got him his first kit for his birthday , and that was 2 turntables & a 2 channel mixer…for the little kid Moe, that was the world's greatest gift! and his start , at that point he became the official young DJ for all his school parties, then moved on to take over all the school & house parties in the city , then he was noticed as the best DJ at his age .

As he reached the age of 21 , Ram started rocking night clubs ,bars ,raves & all dance events in Scotland. Residencies were offered to him like mad, he accepted them for a few years specially the legendary Progression Club- Edinburgh, where all the biggest boys were residents or playing there all the time…that was a turning point to him, as he met the biggest names in the scene and his career was just starting to get bigger and bigger..

His name appeared from Scotland to the rest of the U.K , then to the rest of Europe and all over the world.

2004 , was the beginning of his production path , producing underground house and remixing lots of the huge hits at the time into his favorite music got him well known all over the place and endless gigs everywhere , he actually didn’t release a lot of his stuff to use them only in his sets. Loads and loads of tracks , remixes and mix albums, and that was the birth of the name Progressive Thrust.

His music can only be described as a mixture of dark Deep-Tech-Progressive-Tribal-Break - electro House music, with great vocals that can only match his underground feel.

The perfect track selection , DJ skills and tricks, the ability to read the crowd and take them on a trip through his sets, surprise – motivate – and educate them can not be missed.

All the above , and having more than 14 years experience in the field didn’t just make him Scotland's no. 1 DJ - one of the best ranked DJs/Producers in the U.K and the world- one of the biggest names of the progressive house genre, but it also gave him the chance to meet most of the artists in the dance music scene from around the globe and that was the foundation of being a promoter.

In 2006 , he founded Thrust Promotion & Production , and the concept THRUST was born.

Huge events were done since that happened, in the U.K, Dubai, Egypt and many more countries. Like Thrust 2006 vol. 1 with more than 11700 people ! feat Hernan Cattaneo , Saeed Younan, Cosmic Gate, Ram and others , in Cairo – Egypt. Thrust underground with Ram , Snake Sedrick .Thrust night featuring Wonderland Avenue-Dubai, Thrust feat Nadia Ali from IIO –Sultan & Ned Shepard , Thrust night feat Rui Da Silva , Thrust feat Rachael Starr, and lots more..

Now he is working on starting his own label-agency & club , to give the chance to all those really talented ones who didn’t get lucky yet , " I would like to give the chance to every1 to prove themselves to the world cause   being famous doesn’t really mean that your good "

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Dark Energy, 1 episode:

Vol.06 - Fields (Mar 03, 2007)
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