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From her humble beginnings growing up as a small town girl with big dreams, Ariel Cybana has made herself a global force to be reckoned with. With only a dream, raw ambition, and her talent, Ariel has taken her sound of tribal and progressive house to four continents with stops in Germany, Malaysia, Peru, and all over North America. She’s played at some of the top venues including 1015 Folsom in San Francisco, Liquid in Miami, and Club Ra in Las Vegas. Taking the formula of staying true to herself, Ariel Cybana’s style, flawless mixing, and superb track selection makes her stand out from the rest. Past events Ariel has played featured the likes of Jerry Bonham, Bill Hamel, Markus Schulz, Innate, Digital Assassins and Donald Glaude.

Born to a Japanese mother and an Irish/Swedish father, Ariel Cybana was raised at a small town within the famous Sonoma Wine Country. During her teen years, Ariel discovered modern rock & electronic music and was captivated by bands such as Depeche Mode, Front 242, New Order and Siouxsie & the Banshees to name a few. Music became an escape as well as her solace during her difficult childhood. While other girls in school were buying clothes, Ariel bought records with her lunch money. Years later, Ariel Cybana bought her own decks and taught herself how to mix. Within a few months, she was playing at house parties and soon thereafter started playing out at raves and clubs. She has never looked back.

From winning the Hooj Choons “Mix of the Month” contest, to her vocal debut being caned by many of the top progressive house DJ’s, Ariel Cybana has proven to be both an accomplished DJ and a recording artist. “Inside Me” by Oxygen featuring Ariel Cybana has made appearances in Deep Dish’s Global Underground “Afterclub” CD and DJ Nukem’s “Seduction” CD. Never waiting for an opportunity to knock, Cybana has taken it upon herself to create them. She approached burgeoning internet radio station Eccentric Beats about hosting her own weekly show aptly named “Provocative”. The name is to signify the introduction of talent Ariel desires to showcase whether through the tracks she played or the guests she handpicked.

As a result, Ariel Cybana got the title of A & R. during her tenure on Eccentric Beats. More importantly, Cybana played a significant role in developing the direction of the station, and recruited some of the hottest up and coming DJ’s / producers to host their own shows. Notable guests on Provocative include Desyn Masiello, Lexicon Avenue, Rui Da Silva and Austin Leeds. After two years at Eccentric Beats, Ariel Cybana left and wanted to shift her focus back to making music and doing vocals. Despite leaving, Cybana found doing internet radio to be irresistible and now hosts Provocative on a monthly basis on DI’s (Digitally Imported) progressive channel. Although she hosts a monthly show, she indirectly put her career on hold to tend to issues closer to home. At the end of 2006, Cybana finally relocated from her lifetime home in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Los Angeles. This move is one of Ariel’s lifelong dreams and also a place where she can finally spread her wings.

In addition to her DJing, Ariel Cybana is currently working on vocals & acapellas for producers and learning production. She will unleash some new vocal works and tracks in the year 2007 and is looking forward to sharing them with the world. With her past history as an A & R of a radio station, a record reviewer for 365 Mag and being a judge in a music production contest, Ariel’s taste in music as well as her writing proves she is passionate and dedicated to the music she has loved since childhood. With a talent like this, there’s no telling how far she will go. Ariel Cybana is a testament of hard work, perseverance and a person who has single handedly made herself what she is today. Expect to see big things coming Ariel’s way as she is a rare combination of talent, ambition, and beauty.

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