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Was Founded With the Intent of Releasing The Finest in House Music. DJs/Producers Mario Calegari & Ray Briones will be teaming up with New and Distinguishing Artist from around the World. The Labels 1st Release Will be KEEPIN’ IT UNDERGROUND a Various Artist Compilation Mixed by the Man Himself Mario Calegari, Who’s Been Making Lots of Noise at Top Clubs in NY, NJ and Brasil, Making a Name for Himself as a Force to reckon with. Keep an eye out for upncoming releases. PGM Recordings has now released our 1st Digital Release TRIBAL SOUND Original Mic by Deep'n Soull and remix by CALEGARI & BRIONES, TRIBAL SOUND has already made TOP 10 on ALL 3 MIXES.
Hosted show on TM Radio


No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on March 31st, 2007 and new episodes were coming out until August 25th, 2007. A total of 5 episodes of GET FUELD has aired on TM Radio.
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