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Balthazar was born in 1977 in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, and has been interested in music for the past 12 years. He started DJ'ing in 1998 and now he's known as one of the most respected and popular DJs/producers in Bulgaria. He has performed at every major club in his country as well as on many big raves (including the Bulgarian Street Parade) and various radio and TV shows. His international gigs have taken him to more than 15 European countries including Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Malta and Cyprus, to name a few. Very often he plays at special events alongside well known and respected DJ's or Live acts.

Balthazar's own style varies between hardgroovy pumping techno with a lot of breaks and progressive/electro/tech-house, always corresponding with the newest records on the scene. Usually his sets are quite energetic and technically perfect. For almost 2 years he was resident at the biggest techno club in Bulgaria, called Indigo (closed December 2001). Currently he holds various residencies at different clubs in the country. He is also the owner of the Renesanz agency, with which he promotes numerous parties and books foreign house and techno DJ's for selected clubs and events. With this he has become one of the biggest promoters in electronic music in Bulgaria. He works for TechnoBG (www.techno.orbitel.bg) as well - a very popular website, devoted to the local party scene. Balthazar is also known as the first Final Scratch DJ in Bulgaria, although he doesn't support this technology anymore.

Since 2003 he has been producing music with his studio partner JackRock. At rare gigs they perform live PA under the name "Renesanz Construction Project". At the end of 2004 they produced a 45-minutes progressive set combined with classical music elements, for a fashion show in Erfurt/Germany. They also composed the soundtrack for the DVD movie Clinique Noir 2.

In january 2006 Balthazar & JackRock released their debut record Rockin' Dancefloor, which includes remixes by Eric Sneo and Cave, on the greek label TechHead. The EP reached number 1 in Musicmail Distribution's sales charts and was played by DJs like Marko Nastic, Pedro Delgardo, Marco Lenzi, Ortin Cam & Dylan Drazen. In January 2006 Balthazar & JackRock released another record on the belgian label Magura, which was co-produced with the renowned artist Kobbe and was supported by star DJs like Carl Cox, Marcel Woods, Preach and many others. Kobbe & Balthazar also released two remixes on the dutch label Patterns and norwegian Spilo. Later in 2006 followed a second Balthazar & JackRock EP on TechHead Recordings + 2 tracks for Chris Binder's imprint Primal Confusion.
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exclusive mix by DJ Balthazar (Feb 10, 2007)

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Episode (Jun 18, 2008)
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