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Sergey Tkachev was born on March, 15th 1983 in a small Russian town named Miass, in the Chelyabinskiy region. From childhood on, he showed himself as a creative person and it was absolutely no coincidence that already at a young age, there was the irresistible wish to show everybody a part of his inside world. The best way to achieve this aim was thru music. So Sergey connected his life with music. Hi experimented with different music styles from acoustic to electronic and in consequence he preferred club music.

In his 23 years Sergey is a representative of a new russian DJs/producers generation, actively collaborating with masters of sound. Appeared for the first time on the electronic stage of Russia in the end of 2004 as Pilot, already in autumn 2005 he got the support of many prestigious DJs of the country. In 2005 his works got a great amount of supporters, including business big shots such as Christopher Lawrence, Markus Schulz, David Guetta, Moussa Clarke, Innate and others.

So it was not surprising that the famous British label Baroque offered to release the Pilot's project "Crash My Heart" and "I Can Be Everywhere", which already had been tested and approved very successful on Russian and European dancefloors. In the beginning of 2006 the release added up to the world music collection with qualified energetic progressive house. "Crash My Heart/I Can Be Everywhere" received massive support from the likes of Paul Van Dyk, Max Graham, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Antony Pappa, Steve Lawler, Deep Dish etc.

Sergeys records are so different in style from any other compositions, that it can sometimes be difficult to find any real musical weaknesses. He started with funky remixes in 2004 (downloaded more than 1000 times during the first days of free spreading) in October, in 2006 he made disturbing deep and thoughtful "Deep Sleep" - absolutely progressive, this track got into DJs playlists and charts in UK, Europe and Russia long before its official release.

Furthermore there is electroclash, big room house and others amongst the long list of styles Sergey has been producing so far.

Pilot: "Of course, such a scattering of styles may let you think about musician's changes, which might be because of fashionable tendencies. But I have just tried everything at once and have come to the necessary conclusions. At this moment I can say with firm belief that my sound is "Crash My Heart" and "I Can Be Everywhere". I'm glad to collaborate with Baroque now, they are exactly the right platform that I was looking for right now."

Sergey Tkachev is one of a few djs/producers, who presents the growing-up club-culture in Russia to the rest of the world. He works hard and tries to perform as a musician and a DJ on a high level constantly, occupying a stronger position on the electronic stage.
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Snake Attack, 1 episode:

episode 007 (Feb 03, 2007)

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Episode 008 (Jul 24, 2007)
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