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Plying music for the love of happiness, just seeing people smile makes his world go upside down, Despite all the difficulties and disabilities he’s been through, especially after his arm surgery, he’s been always dedicated to music in such a crazy way that it even made him go on right after his surgery and play with one arm, Coming up with his crazy “One Hand Mix” That has been talked about for the past four years. SLim Nasr, born in Cairo, Egypt, 25th of Nov. 1985; Like most of the Egyptian talents, discovered the scene on his own, through listening to different kinds of genres at an early age, and was later introduced to the world of technology. combining both as the years flow, it was an amazing experience, one that he could never let go....
Started playing music around 2001, when he and a friend formed "The S'n'S Bros" and later on took off as one of the best doe's in Egypt, playing around the North Coast, The Red Sea, and Cairo.
In 2004 SLim Nasr Entered The Heineken Thirst competition, and was picked as one of the 12 best local talents.
2005, 2006, 2007 was a kick off for SLim Nasr & The S'n'S Bros, reaching an online fan base count of at least 10,000 listeners on online radios, around North & South Americas, Europe, Middle east, and Africa.
Hosted show on TM Radio

The S'n'S Show

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on February 10th, 2007 and new episodes were coming out until December 8th, 2007. A total of 8 episodes of The S'n'S Show has aired on TM Radio.
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