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24 years old, Sebastien Leger inherited his passion for music from his parents. Although fascinated by turntables since the age fifteen, this didn't make him turn his back on real instruments, and his studies of piano and drums at the Conservatoire de Paris earned him prizes.

Dj-ing under his own name, he is founder of Deaf'n'Dumb on Aix's Blackjack label. His first releases for them have opened the door to other prestigious labels: Dust Traxx in Chicago, Cube and Azuli (UK) who licensed his "Tonight" track from the fourth Blackjack release.

For his first album "Atomic Pop", Sebastien Leger has even collaborated with the much-respected Junior Sanchez. In his intense, funky dj sets, his underground style can pass effortlessly from Dj Sneak to the minimalist sound of Marco Carola.

Continuing his career with Blackjack for his second album "Kingsize", Sebastien Leger is also artist for his own labels Bits, Cyclick & Subkroniq and like to collaborate on quality projects or remixes with other labels. Spare time? That'll come later…

Deaf'n'Dumb Crew, 75019 Paris, House Trade

Deaf'n'Dumb Crew, flagrant delit EP, Blackjack 004
Deaf'n'Dumb Crew, drive too busy EP, Riviera 007
Deaf'n'Dumb Crew, une fois de plus EP, Dust Traxx 019
Deaf'n'Dumb Crew, funk ya head up EP, Royal Flush 03

Sebastien Leger, Impossible a cerner EP, Essence 06
Sebastien Leger, there is a life after us EP, Blackjack 007
Deaf'n'Dumb Crew, Champagne party, Blackjack ES 03
Sebastien Leger, no name, Grand Prix 03
Sebastien Leger, Off the Wall tonight Remixes, Blackjack 004R
Sebastien Leger, Atomic Pop LP, Blackjack LP01
Sebastien Leger, no name, Cyclik 01
Sebastien Leger, no name, Subkroniq 01
Sebastien Leger, you can hide from your beat, Blackjack ES4

Sebastien Leger, We are, Cyclik 02
Sebastien Leger, Dazed and Confused EP, Blackjack 014
Sebastien Leger, no name, Subkroniq 02
Sebastien Leger, the mushroom project, Riviera 15
Sebastien Leger, Seems so far Remixes, Blackjack 07R
Sebastien Leger, Thomy EP, Cube Recordings
Sebastien Leger, Burned funk EP, Cyclik 04
Elesse, PYT, Boot 01

Sebastien Leger - no name, Cyclik 005
Elesse - PYT, Boot 001
Sebastien Leger - 'the mushroom project 2', Riviera 019
Elesse : PYT rmx, Grand Prix 010
Sebastien Leger : We Are Ep, Black Jack es 06
Sebastien Leger : We Are Ep, Defected
The Last Blade - Requiem/ Just bask from hell, Subkroniq 07
Sebastien Leger - Victory EP (josh wink / original mixes), BlackJack 020
Sebastien Leger - Victory EP (Hipp-e rmx), BlackJack 020r
Sebastien Leger - KING SIZE LP, Black Jack / Defected
Elesse - Liberian Track, Boot 004

Sebastien Leger - Grab My Hipps / My Slap, Black Jack 025
Elesse : Rare & Unrelease Cutz, Black Jack ES 11
Sebastien Leger : azidobrazil / listen, Ovum 156
Sebastien Leger - First Beats EP, BITS 01

Fafa Monteco, Good Times EP, BJ ESP2
Da Bitchie Boys, Le Zeep, BJ 006

Fafa Monteco, Vous voulez de la musique, Sculture 004
Fab G, feeling Seb filtring revision mix, Grand Prix 001
Chris Rubix, Brooklin Queen, BJ 009
Dj Nekbath, Feel it, Grand Prix 002
Fab G, Frenchy Frenzy, Grand Prix 004
Ron Caroll, The sermon, Subliminal 051
Paul Johnson, Noise, Alcawan

Phunky Data, Body Music, Sequence
Sebastien Leger, Seems so far remixes, BJ 007R
The master, ?, Chicayork 003
Nicholas Wanderungen, the cruise, 20000st
Eminence feat. Kathy Brown, Give it up, Defected

Alexander East -Tears "Seb nice and soul remix",Grand Prix 009
Liquid People VS Simple Minds - Monster "Sebastien Leger remix", Defected
M - So Fly "Sebastien Leger 2020 remix", M01 defected
Jakatta feat. SEAL - my vision "Sebastien Leger 's funkyness mix" Ministy of Sound
Jakatta feat. SEAL - my vision "Sebastien Leger 's funkyness mix", Scorpio music
Jaimy and Kenny D - keep on touchin me "Sebastien Leger metrosphère mix", Loaded
Nicolas Vallée - Land of the free "Sebastien Leger Land of the funk mix", Mangusta

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