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Tarek was molested as a child and left scarred for life???.by music that is. As far back as he can remember, Tarek had always been making mix tapes and embarking on endless musical expeditions in search of the perfect sound. As other explorers, he trekked through different musical terrains; rock, rap, reggae, electronica amongst many and used these experiences to conjure up his own unique sound that could make even a dead man dance. His influences are as diverse as The Wu Tang Clan, Radiohead, Tool, Pearl Jam, James Holden, James Zabiela, Adam Freeland, Evil Nine, Sven Vath to Bob Marley and Black Uhuru.

Having exhibited his sound at various venues and parties including Exxotika (we wish it was a strip club), Tarek has been able to adapt to craft his sets like a true chameleon, championing his own style while holding the crowd by the balls ? figuratively. As a truly versatile DJ, his listener?s ears are always surprised by the cunning and sharp mixing skills.

With regards to his DJ name, Tarek either uses his name or Minus T. Since someone else on the board already used the name ?Tarek? he went with Minus T; as in things with T, like ?t minus 30 seconds", or a T-shirt, or T-ickling someone, or even T-oys R Us, or you?re a T-raitor and should be exiled, or like a little T-urtle or T-ortoise???okay done taking the piss??.
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