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An Ottawa native, Mike is recognized for being able to move large crowds, his impeccable mixing abilities and his love for a "harder" sound. He first appeared in the scene in 1990, where he held a residency in the region's first "house music" oriented club, CHEZ HENRI, on the Hull (Quebec, Canada) bar strip. In 1996, Mike turned his interest to radio. He created and hosted several radio shows on CHUO-FM, 89.1 (UNDERGROUND FM, HOUSEFUL FRIDAYS, SONAR) to name a few.

In 1999 came the residency at ILLUSIONS (Ottawa, Canada) afterhours. In 2000, Mike also teamed up with SERGE and KID SL as part of FULL FORCE productions and headlined at all their major events (RADIOHYPE, THRILLER)... Around the same time, he began hosting a night at THE WELL (Ottawa, Canada). People from the industry came to call it their home on Sundays.The focus of this night was to help new, fresh talent get a chance to be recognized. Mike was also instrumental in creating a monthly fundraiser named XVI SUNDAYS at THE WELL.

In 2000, Mike was chosen to represent Ottawa at ARRIVAL (Montreal, Canada). That same year, he opened for Commander Tom at PARADISE (Montreal). That is where he met a dj that would become a close friend... (dj A.R.D) who hapened to be responsible for a key afterhours in Quebec City and owner of APOCALYPTICS productions. As a result of this meeting of the minds, Mike became a resident at CUBE afterhours in Quebec and also played most of the major raves held in that city (TAKE OFF, VERSUS) to name a few.

In 2002 Mike joined forces with DAYLIGHT afterhours in Otttawa and managed with good promoting skills and local friend djs to keep a small afterhours club afloat and relevant for a period of 2 years. Mike's perseverance and talent finally brought him to SONA (Montreal) where he headlined with Lafleche.

In 2003, he began the year with a headlining slot at Ray Junior's APOCALYPSE (Montreal) where he opened for PUSH.

2004... Aside from local events in his home town, he opened for Preach @ the mega-rave Peace held in the Gatineau hills which he also helped organize and promote.
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