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This Colombian duo was conformed at the beginning of 2001 by Nöizzer and Dj Fist (Juan Diego Orrego & Carlos Tejada (respectively), tried from its beginnings to reach the fusion of the own musical style of each one of these two artists, trance and tribal, what made them get their characteristic progressive style with much quite aggressive percussion and dark sounds. Both Nöizzer And Dj Fist, have just released several tracks besides the most very well known tribal progressive producers of the moment such as Simon and Shaker, Rpo, Ty Tek, Kobbe, Marcelo Castelli, Austin Leeds and Nick Terranova among others, in labels such as Beat Freak, Distinto, Distraekt, Distraektions Ltda, Magna, Pure music, RPO Traxx, Terratraxx, and their own label Reverence. Da Groovemakers became the most important South American artists of the 2005 and surely of this year too.
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