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Big Bang aka Joerg Ackermann was born in may 1967. Already as a child he had an infatuation with records. 1978 he bought is first 45" single, "Pop Music" from N-Faktor, and after that he turned into a real Vinyl Junky XXL. He soon noticed that he enjoyed this medium more than just to have it to listen to. Thanks to his grandparents, who noticed his musical talent, who bought him a Drumset for his 10th birthday, he absolved a drumcourse at a local music school,from which he graduated with bravour.

His musical developement in the early years was strongly influenced by Independent Punk & EBM. Bands such as the U.K. Subs, The Normal, Bauhaus, P.I.L. & Front 242, DAF, Depeche Mode gave him inspiration. With his talent for drum & rythm and his to this date individual taste for contemporary music he started off with a band of his own, called X-Plosion, with more or less success. In the mid 80ies he got hooked on Afro-Jamaican Rythms, Reggea & Dancehall. With this fusion of several musical genres and his recordcase he then made his tours through the clubs in the Ruhrarea in Germany. 1994 he had his first conscious contact with electronic techno sounds at the Jazz Festival in Moers, Germany. Here he was infected with the electronic virus and he started to work harder on himself and his DJ'ing skills.

Today his style goes from Progressive House / Trance over Groovy Techno - Tunes bis hin zu Tribal & Tech-House, which makes his sets extremely dynamic and energetic. He doesn't want to be put in a drawer as far as his style goes, rather he tries to join the diverse boundaries of the electronic genres into one flowing element. To put it to the point one could say that his sets are energyloaded, sexy groovy Progressive Trance with a touch of Tech-House, allthough it sure can happen that his sets have a tendency to go techno and minimal electronic.

1998 he started together with his companion Stefan Koerner aka Cortex E, the project and DJ Team pro.tone-team, which exists to this day. Stefan sadly to say died as so many too soon in may 2002, but the spirit behind pro.tone-team lives and sounds on! As the head of pro.tone-team , Big Bang organized Partys all over NRW Germany and played at countless events & clubs with DJ Headliners such as D-Nox, Frank Beckers, Klangstrahler, Moby..all over germany and europe. In the beginning of 2006 he produced his first own progressive House Track, which is due to be released on the Newcomer Label "Elektro-Lyte Recordings".

Loc.: Duisburg // Ruhr Area// Germany

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