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Dj's & producers from moscow russia who love intelligent sound and good looking women.

Denver experienced love for different kind of music, when at the end of 1990's he found out about Renaissance CD series, that was mixed by different progressive house monster dj's like: Dave Seaman and Deep Dish. That was a turning point of his ife. That new and incredably interesting and exsiting sound opened new world for him. Not long after that he started collecting Renaissane cd's buying 12'' records. Later began djing in various places, trying to show his friends and people around what is intelligent sound all about... In the summer of 2003 he meats Mints. He plays for him his favorite cd GU:021 Deep Dish. Mints immediately falls in love with that completely new music to him and not longer after that starts playing with Denver in diffirent clubs.

They form music project Denve&Mints. Denver&Mints get residency in the club located in Moscow famous Gorkiy Park, presenting a siries of parties called "Renaissance Summer?". In 2004 they started learning how to produce music: doing original tracks and remixes. In the end of 2005 one of denver&mints favorite dj Hernan Cattaneo charted one of their tracks and played few others in his dj sets and radio shows. They also gain support from their favourite Deep Dish, who played their tracks aswell, Deepmariano plays their tracks during Creamfields in Argentina, the also get charted by ?1 dj in Turkey dj Tarkan, dPen, Victoria R, Nicholas Van Ortan, Pablo Roma, get huge support from Bulgaria's best dj d-phrag. And many other dj's put denver&mints' tracks in thair sets. Couple releases are schedule in 2006 for varies progressive house record labels.
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