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ROLL is one of good known djs in Lithuania. He is a member of a dj team called "Deep Frequency" (frequency.lt) which has been playing around in Lithuania and is very well known in local places. Roll�s live sets and mix'es point very good quality and spiritual taste. On the dance floor you can recognize him by his style of music which is electrified, twisted, sometimes progressive,tech house or even funky. There are no boundaries in how far ROLL would go. As the sky is a limit, he would throw something interesting and surprising every time he�s on stage.

In December of 2005, Roll with his mates created first electronic music internet radio in Lithuania, which became very popular and well known for all clubbers around LIthuania. He started his weekly show on a radio called "Organzza Weekend with Uncle Roll" and have hosted guest dj mix'es like "King Unique, James Talk, Stu Hirst, Phatjak, James Zabiela, Steve May, Can Costa aka Ricky Ryan, etc..."

His first debut of djing was in a year of 2005, party called "ELECTRIC TOYS" which was organized by dj team "Deep Frequency" at the old ship "Meridianas". The party was a success. There were more parties like "SPRING SESSION" where ROLL participated.

In a year of 2006, Roll and dj team "Deep Frequency" were touring around the country and played in the clubs such as "METRO club" Siauliai , "Egivela club" Panevezys, "Yachtclub" Kaunas, "Global club" Klaipeda, �Neopolis club� Siauliai and more.

Simultaneously Roll is playing in a lot of parties in addition organizing party sessions "MUSIC COLOURS" in a "Global club" along with DJs: Sat and Yakoff. These party sessions are very big success. During �Music Colours� Roll played side by side with very well known djs in Lithuania like Martynas M(Organzza), Virus J(Z-tribe rec), Andrius Alien(Happyendless djs), Sat(Deep Frequency), Junduls(Pure production LT), Benua(Happyendless djs), Donatello(Atari), Yakoff(Deep Frequency),Mindaugelis(Pure production), Blackie(Pure production),Isakoff(DiscoVery,RU) Luke Dzierzek(UK,Clubclass), Arthur Gore (Mashtronic rec.) and much more.

All these years I was inspired by well known artists, like Depeche Mode, Underworld, Steve Lawler, Sasha & Digweed, D. Ramirez, King Unique, Stu Hirst �

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