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Raimundas Macevicius aka Ray Calman was born in 1984 in Klaipeda, Lithuania, where he lives now. His interest to music started when he was ten, he watched music channels like MTV and VIVA, where he saw "House TV" (later it was renamed to "Berlin House"). The music in that broadcast just spelled him. This probably was the hook, that later pushed him to show much more interest to dance music. Later, like the most interested ones to noisy dance music, he listened to radio broadcasts like DJ Saga "Duziai", Rimas Sapauskas "Miksas" and DJ Ernis "Vargo vakariene" on Ultra Vires radio station.

He started dj.ing in the school for the first time. He remembers the times, when he had to drag from home the heavy (now legendary) "ELFA" tape-recorder and play music, nothing similar to the one nowadays, and you could hardly call it dance music. During the time his taste in music has changed, and he became a fan of house music after trying many music styles.

He started producing in 2003. He met Simuck, producer from Siauliai city, who released his first vinyl in Lithuanian recording company RyRalio. Support and advices from Simuck let him improve himself in the music sphere. When he got 18, he has started to visit night clubs. And then his real musical life has started.

In 2005 September, he has started his own radio show called "Sinteze" ("Synthesis") at the local city radio station - "Radijas 9" ("Radio 9"), where he is trying to bring the best electronic music around the world, review hot news from world dance music scene, announce about events in the nearest weekend, and also play the guest DJ mixes.

All these years he was influenced by lot of different styles of music and get inspired by well known artists: Sasha & Digweed, Deep Dish, Lexicon Avenue, PQM, D. Ramirez, Gabriel & Dresden, Pappa & Gilbey, G-Pal, Echomen/Mooncat, Meat Katie, John Creamer & Stephane K, Sultan & Tone Depth, Subsky, Filterheadz and many many more.

"My music can't be framed in just one style, it's mix of different styles of music.. "
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