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Nydro is a young perspective Lithuania DJ and producer. He started djing in very early age, at first he was bedroom dj, he played a lot in school, private parties, etc...\

Later he realised that he can create music too. He started producing tracks few years ago and until nowhis productions is very popular in Lithuania, he remixed very popular tunes like Blackie -
Rising Sun, Facundo Mohrr - Aime Paine, and many more. Nydro plays progressive house music with very trance elements, his style is different then many Lithuanian DJs. Now Nydro is playing in many partiesaround Lithuania, and producing good quality tracks, which were played by well-known Lithuanian DJs.

All these years he was inspired by Markus Schulz, Chris Micali, Elevation, BT.

For more info & contacts myspace.com/nydro
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