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Jacob Jeffs was born in 1991 (Klaipeda, Lithuania). When he was 12 years old he started to listening dance music, at first it was Disco house, later his music style changed into Progressive, tech house. Now, Jacob is a member of a dj team called "Twisted motions" which has been playing around in Klaipeda. Beginnings were not easy. First gigs were played at local bars and private parties, but his technique evolved within years as did his passion for the music.

In August of 2006, he started to broadcast his electronic music radio show called "Inversion Sounds" in Local Lithuania radio station. This radio show became popular and well known for all clubbers around Lithuania and other Europe countries. Jacob have posted guest dj mix'es like "Luke Dzierzek, Gerardo Boscarino, Tarkan, Mason, Robbie Rivera, Saeed Younan, Dave Seaman, Anna Maria X, Paul Harris, Peres, Sat, Uncle Roll, Benua, etc.

Now Jacob with his team are playing in private parties and local bars in Klaipeda and recording monthly promo mixes for radio shows. During these years he was inspired by well known artists, like Steve Lawler, Sasha, Lance Cashion, Yvel & Tristan, Stu Hirst, King Unique, Sultan, Tarkan, Add2Basket, Yvel & Tristan, 16bit Lolitas.

For more info & contacts myspace.com/jacobjeffs
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