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Pro-Moe was first introduced to the electronic music scene at the age of twelve when his older brother took him to Gatecrasher event. From that point on he was hooked. Up until the age of fifteen, Pro-Moe had not yet tried his luck with Deejaying but it was for certain that his passion for music was rising. With limited resources in Egypt, he finally landed his hands on some equipment and the spinning just kept on going. With the help of DJ Friend Mike, they launched at the early age of sixteen playing at local clubs and private parties. Today, at the age of 19 Pro-Moe is one of the most requested Deejays in Egypt.
Thanks to the Heineken Thirst Competition, Pro-Moe was named �One of Egypt�s top DJs� by Campus Magazine. With an open mind about music, Pro-Moe has achieved his long time goal in producing. Although not yet signed with a record label, he has remixed tracks for various artists that include Steve Angello, Michael Gray, David Guetta and Tom Novy.
As for now, Pro-Moe is spinning at clubs and events around the country and his obsession for production will land him a place on the charts, soon��

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