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Armando Rossi has been @ the forefront of Melbourne's electronic music scene throughout 2 decades now. Having become the original developing founder for Rhythm & Soul. Melbourne's most influential and regarded music store. having played at all the major clubs, parties and recoveries, Armando carved out a unique sound of baleric, tribal, ambient and tek providing many an audience with unforgettable experiences...He's played along side some of the biggest names in the industry such as Digweed, Pappa, Gerrard, Phil K Sasha, Zabiela, Lavelle and many more. Armando was also responsible for the now ledgendary status of "the loft" where his 8 hours sets inspired, lifted and brought together 1000's of people. Not to mention help forge many a dj career through encouragement and example....

"Having Hosted his own successful radio show "Afterhours" on Kiss FM Armando is no stranger to the broadcasters chair! So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy a taste global electronica; music without boundaries"

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