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Eliad K aka Kostas Iliadis was born in Athens in 1977.He showed interest in music from the early ages when he pushed his parents to register him to learn a music instrument.Been unable to learn the guitar (which he liked so much) due to a birth problem with his left hand, he decided to learn the flute.By doing so he learned about the basics of writing music melodies which afterwards turned very handy. In 1996 he attends the University of Macedonia In Thessaloniki and his alternative/indie/rock collection starts to grow. He starts playing as a DJ at Residents and more bars follow till Berlin which became the end of his alternative career.There he met Avril and the gang Of Noise Records who showed him the way to electronic music.Avril provided him with lots of records over the years till today and soon Eliad K started mixing progressive and breakbeat in his sets. Art In Progress was the perfect place that time and Eliad K performs for the first time as a warm up Dj for his friend the Pale Penguin. Soon breakbeat and nu skool breaks fill his record bag alongside with progressive house. After various performances his friend and owner of Noise Records Avril, introduces him to Super Fm 108 and in 2001 he has his own radio show in Thessaloniki named "The Beat Experience" every Tuesday and Thursday 5-7am. After the studies he moved back to Athens where he found himself working at the local Town Hall as an IT Manager.There with plenty of time in the afternoons he decided to turn into producing with help from his friend Dimitris Mitrovgenis.Now he has residency at Inoteka bar in Psiri every Friday,and he has done some guest mixes for his good friend TPL at Phoenix Radio.

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