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Ten years ago, a Mike Sickini, who was a teenager whom music was part of is famillies everyday life. Young mike would go to the local vynil store to spin is favorit artist those of Daft Punk it’s idols. Few years after Mike is getting more experience on the field in quebec city night club is ascencion start to grow stronger and stronger. With hard work and determination at the start of the millennium at a very young age Mike begin to spin record at a very prestigious night club in quebec city Le Dagobert and hold a place of choice with the other local dj’s.

In the beginning he was greatly inspire by the music of Donald Glaude,Carl Cox and Dave Clarke It is now at 600 Grande-Allée east that is free spirit and passion for house music and where is innovation and personnel touch in every night that he spins.
For seven years now, he as more opportuniuties to experiment and create a warm atmosphere of tech & funky flavors that feats him like a glove in his personallities and is unique style, and benefit great visibility.

For five years now Mike work at Import-O-Son a very important vinyl store, in charge for purchas. The responsibilities give him a chance to stay in with new style and new production at a global level. He has the chance also to take is hands on very rare product that is very hard to find for everyday peoples.

It is not from yesterday that Mike dedicate is life to music,Is progress for new horizon are by far not finish and more chalenge will present to him. Creation of new sound is one of is project in the futur. It is for this reason, that in the near futur maybe you ear the name ‘’MIKE SICKINI’’ and it maybe not him behind the console….

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