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GERARDO BOSCARINO, was born in Tucuman, Argentina in 1980. Grew up in a family where art was a common subject in all its expressions and was always interested particularly in music. Never locked in just one style, he participated in many band projects playing guitar, bass guitar and drums and even sometimes leading vocals. At the age of 17 a friend gave him a Robert Miles CD and so he discovered electronic music, falling in love with it right away. Later on, at the age of 23 he met DJ TiTAN, local "Nocturno" night club resident, who introduced him into DJing, which had been one of his many interests. Taught and sponsored by TiTAN, just 2 months after becoming a bedroom DJ, Gerardo is invited to play as a guest DJ at Nocturno, where he is immediately offered a resident position by its owner, locally well known DJ Die-Guess, getting automatically fully involved in Tucuman's dance scene and getting many other residencies and gigs at local clubs and dance events. After a year of residing at Tucuman�s most important night clubs, Tjanaima and Nocturno, when they shut their doors, he�s offered a job at La boite, sharing booth again with his mentor, TiTaN, once a month. Nowadays, Gerardo is DJing weekly at La Boite and La Divina and has started producing coached by some talented producers such as Baunder and MOS having one of his tracks charted by dj tarkan. Having shared booth with many outstanding DJs such as Diego Ro-k, Spitfire, Facu Carri, Gonzalo Solimano, Tato Piatti, Roberto ceratti, JP Sgalia, etc., only time will tell where music will lead this new uprising DJ.
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