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Being influenced by diverse musical genres from the 80s and 90s, led to his interest in DJing.
The particular sound coming from the electronic dance music would have the more profound impact that would shape his musical ambitions. Genres such as Techno, Electro, Tribal and every aspect of House would comprise his early influences in dance music. Artists such as Depeche Mode, Deep Dish, David Morales, Arman Van Helden, Atahualpa, Eric Morillo, John Digweed, Sasha, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Hernan Cattaneo, Lexicon Avenue, Delirium all played a major role in what would become a way of life for BS AS DEEP as a future DJ And producer.

Radio stations such as Z 95 and Energy 101.1, more specifically programs such as "oid mortales" helped bring the sound of dance early on and played a factor in shaping his tastes. Around 1993, Bs as Deep finally entered the Dj scene playing House and Industrial which were the more popular genres in the scene. He played at many small local gigs at bars and clubs where he would try to get maximum exposure to become recognized. He did however take a break from the dance scene but when he returned
in 1997 he vowed to never become separated from it again. Around the end of the 2000, he began to experiment with various music software to begin taking steps into musical production as an artist. After being in the scene listening to music and playing it, he felt it was time to add a third element which would be to make his mark in the scene by playing his particular scene. He began under the alias "INTRO SOUND" and produced tribales, tech tribal, and progressive tribal. Around 2003 and 2004 his style shifted to Progressive House and Deep Progressive. Such productions such as "gloria in excelsis", "deep" and "I need house" all provided his listeners.

Around 2004, Bs as deep began to work with varios producers from Argentina such as Gabriel Modica who is better known as Detune and Ex may day. Later on they would form the joint alias named TREE FACTORY. Presently, BS AS DEEp working alongside Nicholas Fantin have produced together under the name: "Sound Experience". Sound Experience working alongside with Detune have formed the group known as High Sensitive. Numerous Projects under both teams are currently
in the works.

Today BS AS DEEP has earned the respect and support from many reknown djs such as Hernan Cattaneo, Dj tarkan, moshic, snake sedrick, dj Taucher, jacobb todd, jason collins, federico giust, atmosphere, naveen g, denver and mints, Martin Bonansea, dj @lias, Guillaume Nyckees, Kosmik 3, Nicholas Van orton, Dj griff, dj bia, nicholas coronel, and many others.
BS as DEEP has played along many great and upcoming dj's as well including Guille Quero, Manuel Sahagum, Gustavo Di Tomaso, Dami�n DP, Mart�n Bonansea, Oscar Lacava, Luis Zerrillo, Dj Williams, Dj Lila , Mart�n Armentano, Dj Lucio mk2, Nick on, Blitto, Lucas Rivara, Ariel Juariste and many others.

Some of the venues he has played at include SOHO Club (Rosario), Bahrein (Capital Federal), De La Ostia (La Plata), Marat�n (Carmen de Areco), Neeo (S.A. Padua), La Ben Hur (Ituzaingo), Cabo Blanco (Sta teresita), Jackos (Capital Federal), Sira (Olivos), La Cigale (Capital Federal), Pet Merlo, Esperanto Resto & Disco, Obelisco (S.A. Padua), American Wave (Castelar), Fiestas Globals (Escobar), Bestial Club, and Fortaleza (San Miguel).

His sets are composed of his own personal style he developed through the years by combining his productions and the latest in deep progressive to give the dance floor a nonstop groove for all the crowds across the world. Diego is already working on many productions set to be released in the future & many of his today tracks have been signed to various different records labels. Diego continues create beautiful sounds and there is no doubt that his music will be in the most important dj�s sets.
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IDC, 1 episode:

)) ARGENTINA (( (Jan 17, 2007)

The S'n'S Show, 1 episode:

Hosted by sLiM n Amr Mohey (Feb 10, 2007)

Feel The Sound, 1 episode:

Episode (Oct 27, 2007)
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