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You could start of with a nice story about being infected by EDM and how your own live is being devoted to music. But most important is that you believe in what you do.
I believe that music is a feeling an experience.
A feeling that set asides boundaries and bring people together in several kinds of ways.

Is it important that you played at the biggest raves? Is it important that you buy the newest tunes. Is it important that you play the newest tunes.
No! The most important fact is that music gives you positive energy.
Every kind of music brings a different message, a different emotion and most of all a complete mood setting. Music makes you happy, makes you sad, can make someone going mental. It is all about ENERGY!

In a world going completely digital, musical development being digital and contacts being digital one should not forget its roots.
You loose your touch with something you can grap.
That is the main reason that I still play records, instead of going digital.
This black piece represents your taste, your believe, your feeling. It is something black with grooves in it that represent a sound, a style, a feeling

The main reason I dj is to create my own fairytale. A fairytale that makes people want to dance or enjoy the music.

That is why I joined hands with a good DJ friend to create S&S present Soundtrip!
Soundtrip! Is just the way a DJ should suppose to dj.
Creating soundscapes with some fine EDM music, that brings people together.
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