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DJ Peric started playing record approximately ten years ago. While his background was already in music he was asked to play at a friend�s party. Having no experience at all he borrowed a DJ set and started practising.

The party went remarkably well and therefore he was asked for the next party.
A star was born� :o)

House-music has had his interest from the moment it was born.
So when he started DJ-ing he needed the most upfront music, because a DJ without records is like a race-driver without an engine in his car.
At the time he started playing records Peric had a job at a Record-company.

One thing led to another and more and more clubs asked him to come and dj, Clubs in Amsterdam called the Richter, Kinky Club and Grand Caf� �The Blitz�.
Peric also has played abroad countries like Austria, France Germany and Malta are on that list.
His most famous gigs are the Streetraves on �Queensday� (celebration of the Dutch Queens birthday) parties with thousands of people listening to the sounds of DJ Peric.

Because he played a lot in Amsterdam he was also asked on a regular basis for some famous radio-stations. He appeared several times in radio-shows on dance-radio-station ID&T and he co-hosted a weekly show for another radio station.

In 2003 he had to go abroad for his regular job, which resulted in spending less time on his DJ-ing career. But the DJ-blood kept running and he soon found a partner, D-Fact from Oradea. They gave several parties and the foundation for �Industry� was made.
Peric was a resident until he moved back to Holland.
There things didn�t really worked out for him so he decided to move to Hungary with his girlfriend, who is Hungarian.

In Hungary he found his musical partner in the form of DJ Bond aka Gabriel A Dawn, who is a DJ AND producer. They teamed up to start making tracks. The reason was DJ Bond had a lot of expertise playing at massive parties and Peric had a nice background in musical knowledge.

So the future looks bright for this team. They�re planning to get the most out of Ableton, to put together a live-set which will cause Earthquakes.
Peric and G.A.D. have joined Tribal mixes to host a weekly show to support the growth and development of EDM
Co-hosted show

Performance 3 in 1

No preset schedule (taking a break). Show first aired on October 6th, 2006 and new episodes were coming out until August 1st, 2008. A total of 72 episodes of Performance 3 in 1 has aired on TM Radio.
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)) HOLLAND (( (Jan 16, 2007)
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